I Need My Son’s Hot Cum : Sinful MILFs 9

by Tori Westwood

At forty-four I was feeling broody and was desperate to become pregnant all over again.  It seemed like there were no good men to be found, that was until I started looking a little closer to home.  I picked out my nineteen year old son as the perfect candidate but he’s going to need some convincing.

What better time to convince him than when he’s jerking off late at night?  Read how I make him mine and take his cum inside me.


I slid the duvet down to the top of his thighs so I could see the whole thing.  His balls hung beneath his thick, clean-cut length and they looked almost as delicious as his cock itself.  Dylan was no sexual Casanova, but he was still well groomed.  His hair was cut close and shaped around the top of his cock and his balls were smooth and hairless.

I moved my face closer to his dick to get a better look, and then I lay my head on his hips and stared across at his cock.  I watched it close, tracing the powerful veins with my eyes and watching it twitch as his blood rushed into it with each powerful beat of his heart.

“I’m going to put it in my mouth,” I announced suddenly, and Dylan’s head rose as he gasped.

I looked upwards at him, seeing the shock in his face.  I smiled and rolled my lips over my teeth, turning back to his dick and taking it in my hand.


I closed my eyes and shuddered as his forbidden flesh touched my palm and very quickly my mouth began to fill with saliva.  It was as though I was about to dine out on a terrific meal and my body was preparing me for it.

I put him close to my face and breathed over him, letting him feel the hot air over his cock.

“Oh, Mom,” Dylan whimpered, and I felt his hand on the back of my head, gently pushing me towards his cock.

I opened my mouth wide and pressed my full lips over the tip of his cock, angling it towards me as I held the base of it.  Slowly I drove myself over it and pushed it inside me, feeling it slide through my mouth until it teased the back of my throat.

I took a deep breath in through my mouth and let out a moan that was muffled by his flesh.  Gradually I pulled him back out of me, pinching my lips close to his cock and leaving a trail of saliva along him.

I smacked my lips off his cock and held it there, watching it twitch and glisten in the light from his bedside lamp.

“Should Mommy continue?” I asked, transfixed on his slick length.

“Yes,” Dylan said, shuddering with nervous excitement.


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