I Knocked up My Sleeping Daughter With Her Mother’s Help

by Amber FoxxFire

I couldn’t believe my luck! Stacy, my 18-year-old was stone cold out of it and my wife thought it would be a good time for me to knock her up. See, Jill has always wanted grandkids. But our daughter was adamant about not having them.

A fertility pill dissolved into her drink changed all that.


"Now, lap it up from the source. Just because she's out, doesn't mean you get to ignore her needs." My wife used her red-painted fingernails to pry apart my wet daughter's labia, exposing her pink, inner pussy.

I trembled as my cock stiffened and I shakily bent forward and began tentatively licking her folds. They tasted so sweet and innocent. Her mother's fingers reminded me of the naughtiness of what we were doing.

Jill kissed our daughter's belly, leaving wet spit trails all over. It was such a hot sight that I didn't know if I could hold out.

My tongue lashed all over my daughter's swollen clit. When I took her little nubbin inside my mouth and sucked it, she squirmed. My heart nearly stopped as I thought she was going to wake up and catch us; but she didn't.

"I think the drug's wearing off," my wife said. "Maybe you should hurry."


Jill popped my cock in her mouth and sucked it for a minute, then licked her daughter's cunt, leaving a wad of spit so that she would be properly lubed up.

Then she grabbed my throbbing dick and pointed it right at our 18-year-old daughter's cunt. "Just go easy. You don't want to hurt her," she whispered softly in my ear.

Lust overcame my fear and I allowed my wife to part our daughter's cunt with my cock-head. Stacy's cunt was so hot that it scalded my cock as it went in. Her walls flexed involuntarily, squeezing my thick shaft as I worked my tunnel snake inside her virgin cunt.

Jill kissed me hotly on the lips as she pleasured her daughter's clit with her finger. This was so wrong, but I loved it. I have no idea what we were going to tell Stacy when she found out she was no longer a virgin and was now pregnant. And to top it all off, her father was the one who knocked her up.

My cock throbbed and ached as I plowed deep inside her. When I reached her hymen, I stopped.


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