I Kicked Out My Son’s Girlfriend So I Could Take Him In My Ass : Anal Mothers 4

by Tori Westwood

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?  I’ll tell you mine.  I kicked my son’s girlfriend out of the house before she took his virginity so that I could fuck him instead … in my ass!  Read how I convince him he can keep his virginity if he fucks me in a different hole!  Now I just need him to come inside me!


“I thought I could show you how it was done,” I said, longing for him.

“I can’t, Mom,” he said, but the bulge beneath his pants told a different story.  “It wouldn’t be right.  I wanna lose it to someone special.”

“I am special,” I said defiantly.

“Okay, someone special who isn’t my Mom,” he said, taking a deep breath.  “Listen, Mom, you’re hot and everything but we just can’t.  It’s wrong.”

I felt even sexier when I heard him say that.  I played my final card.

“What if we didn’t have sex.”

“Huh?”  I’d got his interest.

“What if we did everything except have sex?”

“That still sounds—”

“Then you get to keep your virginity, and get some experience under your belt in the process.”


He didn’t say anything.  I could tell the idea intrigued him.  I inched back towards him on the bed, wriggling over in my long summer-dress.  He took a sideways look at me but stayed where he was.  My hand fell on his chest and I toyed with his t-shirt playfully.

“Come on,” I said.  “Don’t you wanna know what my mouth feels like around your cock.”

As I said the words he took a sharp intake of breath, as though he was scared that he was starting to feel something for me.

“Can we do that?”

“You’d still be a virgin,” I said.  “I mean, technically you could—” I stopped myself and giggled.

“I could what?” he asked as I reeled him in further.

“Technically you could fuck my ass and you’d still be a virgin.”

“What?!”  Justin acted shocked, but I could tell he was only doing it because he thought that’s how he was supposed to act.  Truthfully, beneath the surface, he was as intrigued as any eighteen-year-old would be.

“Ass-fucking,” I said simply, enjoying the emotions I brought out of him as I said curse-words that he’d never heard me utter before.  “If you fuck me in the ass, you wouldn’t be losing your virginity.”

“I wouldn’t?”

“No,” I said, putting my face close to his and breathing sultry words along his neck.  “I’d be losing mine.”

“You can’t be a virgin,” he said, laughing nervously.

“I can,” I said, slowly.  “I’m an anal virgin.  You’d be my first.”

Justin shuffled nervously, rubbing at his bed-sheets as the erection raged on in his pants.

“I’d be your first?”

“If you wanted to be.”  I kissed his cheek gently.  “If you wanted to be the first person to fuck my ass, you could be.”

He turned to me slowly now and looked down his nose at my lips, wrestling with his thoughts.  “I want to,” he said, and he moved his chin forward to kiss me.

I felt our sensibilities begin to crack as our lips touched and I opened my mouth wider as he moved onto me, relishing the sensation of his tongue sliding against my own as it probed into my mouth.

“But I want to keep my virginity,” he said, complicit now in the charade.

“You will,” I said with a smile.  “We’ll do everything except that.”


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