I Got Knocked Up By A Horse

by Studly Stallion

Ever since I could remember, I'd always loved horses. They were such beautiful, majestic, powerful creatures. I always dreamed of having my own one day.

Well, now that I'd finally turned 18, I made that dream come true. A month after my birthday, I got my first horse, a beautiful black and white speckled stallion named King.

The stable where I bought him was pretty far away from home, which meant I had to stay in the local motel when I was out there. It was a pretty nice place, and the owners were really friendly. I was on a first-name basis with the whole staff within days of moving in.

I had a lot of time to get to know everyone at the motel, since the trip to the stables was a few hours long. I spent most of my days at the stable with King where they were kind enough to board him for me until I could get my own place.

I was so excited, but I had to be patient. Grandpa said he'd build me a barn, but it would take a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I had nothing but time to kill, so I visited King every day, spending most of the day with him. We quickly became inseparable. I'd ride him all day, then head back to the motel around dinner time.

After a while, the owner of the motel, a pretty young woman in her early twenties, asked me if I'd help out around the motel, doing odd jobs and the like in exchange for room and board. I didn't see the harm, and it would save me the money for the motel. It'd also allow me to spend more time with King.

Long story short, it didn't take long before I was more than smitten with King, I was in love with him. Like, seriously in love with him.


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