I Fucked My Son By The Pool : Sinful Mothers 12

by Tori Westwood

My son Brendan is after some extra cash before he goes on vacation with his friends.  I tell him if he cleans the pool I’ll give him twenty bucks, but I don’t tell him I’m gonna be watching him like a hawk the entire time.  Something comes over me as my eyes trace his muscles and I can’t help but become excited.  When he takes off his top I’m bubbling over with lust and I lose it completely when I discover he’s a virgin.  Read how I let him take off my panties and then take his cock inside me.


“You feel tense, honey,” I whispered close behind him, letting my words fall close to his ear.

He cleared his throat.  “A little.”

I squeezed at his shoulders and gave them a quick massage with my thumbs.

“Relax,” I hushed, wandering my hands over his neck and down to the small of his back as I leant away from him.

I squirted some more cream onto my palms and felt braver now, pressing my body against him and running my hands over his shoulders and down the front of his chest.

Brendan stayed in place, clearly in no hurry to move.  He let out a sigh as my hands wandered down and I hugged them around and smoothed them over his flat abs.


His muscles felt stiff and impressive beneath my touch and I was really starting to melt for him now.  I leant my head against his back as I rubbed the front of his body.  It was now or never.  Brendan seemed to be at his most submissive and I was at my most confident.  With a deep gulp I moved my hands over his shorts and began to rub at the stiff block of flesh that lay waiting beneath them.

“Mom, I—, ” Brendan began, but I hushed him quiet.

“It’s okay, honey,” I said against his back, lifting my head and putting my mouth close to his ear again.  “Mommy’s got you.”

Brendan shuddered against me as my hands rubbed over his shorts, marking an outline of his cock by pressing the fabric down over it.

I pinched along it with my fingers, sliding them up and down his stiff rod and marveling at the distance it covered as it lay across his thigh.

“Let’s get that out of there,” I whispered, sliding my thumbs down inside the waist of his shorts and pulling them outwards playfully.

Brendan stood up and I sighed as though I’d lost my catch.  I was expecting him to walk away, acknowledging how wrong all of this was, but instead he dragged his shorts down his legs and gave me a terrific eyeful of his toned ass and muscled thighs.

I gasped as he bared his athletic figure to me, then he sat back down in the exact same spot.

I tried to compose myself but I could hear my heart beating hard inside my chest.  My stomach fluttered and I took a deep breath to calm myself, laying my head on his back again before giving it a soft kiss.

“Oh, Brendan,” I said softly, moving my hands back around his body and trying not to shake.  I could tell he was nervous too, but inside us both was a powerful lust that clouded our sense of right and wrong.

When my fingers tickled downwards all over again I felt his hard, sinful cock for the first time and quickly wrapped myself around it.

He exhaled with me and I rose up against his back, pressing my tits against him and pulling on that hard cock of his like it belonged to me.


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