I Fucked My Son Through the Glory Hole

by Tori Westwood

The only restrooms open at the stop were the female ones, so when my son and I pull over to relieve ourselves we have to share a bathroom.

The wood that separates our stalls has this big hole in and I can see my son through it!  I watch over him and he realizes, slowly jerking his cock in his hand as my eye draws closer to the hole.  Soon his hard dick is on my side of the stall and I’m staring at it in shock.  I’m about to suck my son’s cock and I know it won’t end there.

Read how I take his hot load!


But as I sat frozen on seat I watched in a horror that quickly turned to delight as, inch by inch, his swollen cock was pressed through the glory hole.

It was bizarre to see his powerful length jutting out from the flat wood like that and even more bizarre now that I knew it was my son’s.

I watched as the blood was fired into it beat by beat, causing it to bob in front of me as though it was vying for attention.

“Todd?” I asked, loud enough for him to hear.

There was no answer from the other side of the wall but his cock stayed as stiff as ever and refused to move.  He clearly wanted me to touch it.

I outstretched my arm, squeezing at my tits in angst as I moved my hand towards it and set about doing something terrible.


My heart pounded in my chest, matching the pulse of Todd’s cock as it hung there waiting to be claimed.  My hand grew ever closer and I stretched out a finger, gliding my nail along the sensitive underside of his shaft.

Todd’s dick tensed and I let out a quick breath, biting my lip and fighting against my morals.  He stayed exactly where he was, pressed against the stall of his with his forbidden length disappearing through the wall.

I bit the bullet and quickly gripped him in my hand, hearing him exhale and groan from the stall opposite.

“Does that feel good, Todd?” I asked, and this time a moaning affirmation greeted me from next door.

I began to tug on that hard dick of his, cruising my hand over my son’s length with tenderness that only a mother can provide.

I could hear his breaths quicken from the other side and realized how delightful it must be to have no idea what might happen to your cock next.

With that thought in mind I moved my face closer to him, watching the veins pump and examining the nuances of his clean-cut dick as my slender fingers slid along him.

I moved on to my knees, facing the wall of the cubicle and jerking that powerful dick of his in my hand as though I was emptying a salt-shaker.  He moaned again and I did too, moving a hand down and toying with my pussy that was already damp at the mere sight of Todd’s hard dick.

I opened my mouth now and drew my head closer to him, preparing to smash down each taboo barrier one-by-one until Todd’s hard cock was stretching my mature pussy wide.


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