I Had To Fuck My Son : Real Mothers 12

Mother Son Taboo Breeding

by Tori Westwood

I knew it was my last chance for a baby and what better person to give it me than my perfect, innocent son?  He's obviously reluctant at first but my seductive ways bring him round.  Soon he's deep inside me and twitching out his cum, firing it deep into his mother's pussy.

Read how he breeds me in an intense deflowering.


I pulled off him and took another look at him.  “I’ve been dreaming of this for so long,” I said, kissing his cheek.

“I’ve wanted it too, Mom,” he hushed, seeming ashamed.

“It’s okay,” I said, soothing him.  “No-one will have to know.”

We kissed again and this time I felt Dylan place a hand on my hip, timidly laying it across my ass.  As we embraced I took control, moving his hand to my breast and squeezing it with him.

He let out a soft whimper, breathing deep as he touched my tits.  His hands wandered easily over the soft fabric of my nightdress and soon I found my nipples rising beneath it, pushing outwards and letting Dylan know that I was ready for him.

I let go of his hand and Dylan continued to knead at my tits, bunching them up as we kissed each other and my hands set about their adventure over his body.


I slid them beneath the sheets and ventured down towards his manhood, feeling him tense as my nails tickled below his waist.

“It’s okay, honey,” I soothed, finding his cock as stiff as before and wrapping my fingers around it.

Dylan’s tongue stopped moving as I began to play with him and I opened my eyes to see his closed eyes, his mouth open in a serene kind of awe as he experienced a woman for the first time.

I pushed the sheets away now, revealing his body to me and I knelt up over him, keeping a firm grip on that cock of his as I jerked it.

“Would you like to eat my pussy, Dylan?” I asked, seeing the flash of excitement in his face instantly.

“I—I think so,” he said, still seeming uncomfortable with my hand on his dick.

“Okay,” I said calmly, still holding his cock as I moved my left leg over his body to face myself down towards his feet.

I pulled my dress up my legs as I positioned myself over his face.


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