I Dare You To Slap Me Again, Mom!

by Amber FoxxFire

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Fed up with his mother abusing him, Keith takes matters into his own hands. How will his mother react to him standing up for himself? Will she submit to her now dominant son?


"You no good for nothing bastard! I told you to get eggs from the store!" screeched Keith's mom in her harpy-like voice.

"Sorry, mom. I'll go back and get them." Keith said, clenching his teeth. For God's sake! I'm 18 years old and she still treats me like a kid!

He turned around, reaching into his pocket to get the keys. The feeling of her hand slapping his face as her nails raked against his cheek replayed in his mind.

Beads of blood welled up on the angry tails that marked his cheek. It didn't matter to him, she'd always slapped and beat him, venting her fury upon him for little things such as this.

He halted midway to the door. Something snapped within him and fury seethed in his heart.

Why am I taking this like a child? I'm a man now and I should act like one!

He turned around and glared down at her as cold tension filled the room like a crackling winter storm.

"Are you listening..."


Whatever her words might have been were swallowed under his piercing gaze.

"I dare you to slap me again, mom." His voice was deep and intimidating as she stared up at him incredulously.

"Why you!" She lifted her hand to bring it down upon his face, but he caught her wrist.

She gazed at him with utter shock in her eyes as though she couldn't believe what had just occurred.

He hauled back his hand as if to slap her.


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