I Couldn’t Believe My Daughter Fucked Me In The Backseat While Her Mother Drove

by Amber FoxxFire

It was the most insane thing I'd ever borne witness to. Our 18-year-old sexpot daughter, Melissa, had an appointment a couple towns over.

We all piled in the car and headed off. Normally I would've sat up front, but this time - for reasons that would quickly become apparent - she wanted me in the back with her.

"You sure?" I asked, glancing back and forth between her and her mother.

"I don't mind." Her mom replied and started up the car.

"Come on, daddy!" She giggled, patting the seat next to her. "It'll be fun! Just the two of us..."

I gulped, just knowing that I was getting myself into trouble.

I didn't realize just how much trouble...

Shrugging, I climbed in the backseat next to my very hot, sexy daughter. Melissa may have been my flesh and blood, but she really turned my crank.

At just 18, she had a body that drove men wild. And me? I wasn't immune. Not at all.

"So, honey, what do you have planned for the weekend?" Her mom asked, glancing in the rearview mirror.

Melissa's eyes met mine, and she flashed a naughty little smile. "Oh, just a little something-something..."

Before her mom could ask anything further, Melissa reached over and unzipped my pants.

What the fuck? I mouthed as she fished out my throbbing daddy cock - all while her and her mother held a conversation without missing a beat.

"Shh!" She placed her sexy, red-tipped finger to my mouth and continued talking inane stuff with her mother - all the while slowly stroking my cock up and down with her sexy, delicate fingers.

I was in heaven.

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