I Caught My Son Watching My OnlyFans

by Amber FoxxFire

I had been excited all day long thinking about my OnlyFans shoot that evening. I couldn't believe how turned on I was at just the thought of showing my naked body to dozens of horny men.

I was a 42-year-old single mother to an 18-year-old son, I shouldn't be flaunting my body like this - especially not to strange men on the Internet.

But here I was...

I knew I was hot.

I had a killer body with a huge ass and perky tits. My face was gorgeous, with full lips and bright eyes. My hair was long and blonde and perfectly framed my face.

I was getting wet just thinking about the shoot. I could feel myself throbbing between my legs as I slipped on my skimpy outfit.

I had spent a lot of time and effort making sure I looked sexy for my shoot. I wore a tight, white tank top and a tiny thong bikini underneath.

I had gotten my nails done and my hair styled, and I was wearing some of the sexiest lingerie I had ever seen.

When it was time for the shoot, I was so horny and wet.

It wasn't my first one. But the first one seem to only have 1 viewer. Now I had dozens.

I didn't think too much about why I had one the moment I started, maybe it was a bot or something.

The shoot went well, I was soaking wet by the end of it.

My nipples were rock hard and I was dripping wet. I could feel my panties sticking to me as I turned off the computers. The viewers were going to love it!

Knowing my son, Jacob, was upstairs, I quickly hurried to the restroom to relieve my poor bladder. Fuck I couldn't believe how much of a soaking, sticky mess I was. I guess showing myself to other men for the first time since the divorce turned me on more than I had anticipated.

As I left the bathroom, I heard a strange noise coming from my son's bedroom.

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