Hypnotizing My Uncle

by Amber FoxxFire

Uncle Ryan was a heart-throb. I wanted him. I needed him badly. But he’d never go for his 18-year-old niece, would he?

Leave it to my slutty friend to give me the answer.

Uncle Ryan was mine.


It was a family reunion on my father's side. Everyone was gonna be there. Except mom of course, she was a busy business lady and she had to go off on a business trip during our reunion.

Luckily for me, Uncle Ryan was going to be there and Uncle Ryan was a heartthrob. No really! I was eighteen now, so I could lose my v-card at any moment.

He was the polar opposite of my dad. Built, tall, strong and had a huge cock. I mean it was really well hung.

At the moment before the trip, I was at my friend's house getting some advice. I told her of my bridge to womanhood and was excited to get my seduction on. I still remembered all those times I caught Uncle Ryan's glances at my ass during my eighteenth birthday.


And it was good that he was one. It gave me more odds that I could have him. But I wasn't entirely one hundred percent sure. That's where my friend came in. This slut here knew all the tricks of dick.


"So, what's the latest way to snag a guy, Lana?"

Her parents were rich so we were chilling in her private little living room upstairs.

"OK, there is this new thing. You can take control of any man you want with this."

She handed me a sticker of some sort. It had a weird symbol on it that looked like a heart in a hazard sign.

"What's this? Some new drug patch or something?"


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