Hypnotizing My Daughter to be My Sex Slave

by Amber FoxxFire

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I couldn’t help myself… Quietly I snuck my 18-year-old daughter into our poker hideout. My friend Frank had discovered some miracle drug that with one drop caused women to become completely open to hypnotic suggestions. It also made them raging sex addicts.

Fuck poker; my friends and I were banging every chick we could get through the door. Hot super model? One drop. 20-year-old college sophomore? One drop. Best friend’s wife? Well…let’s not go there.

But strangely I didn’t want any of those women. I wanted my fresh-faced, 18-year-old, red-haired voluptuous daughter, Alexa. But I didn’t just want to bang her. I wanted to make her my sex slave; willing to do whatever I wanted, when I wanted it.

That’s why I stole the golden liquid from Frank.


With nervous hands, I finally got the door unlocked. After dropping the keys 3 times.

"Daddy, it looks like you need a stiff drink to calm your nerves." Alexa giggled again. My God if her laugh wasn't the sweetest sound in the world.

I had it bad for my daughter. I couldn't stand the thought of imagining her with someone else. I loved her, dammit! It should be me she comes to every night.

From all the experiments we've done with this drug, our best guesstimate is that it completely erases the memory of what they did from when they took it to when it left their system.

1 drop = 1 hour.

The way it worked was that the imbibers became extremely suggestive to hypnotic commands. You could tell them to run around acting like a monkey and they would.

It was honestly a bit disturbing. But God damn if the sex wasn't hot.


So, what did I have planned for my lovely daughter? Simple. I wanted to make her my sex slave. My wife, Jane, after 20 years of marriage was getting a bit...shall we say stale in bed.

In essence, I wanted to cheat on her with my daughter. I wanted to make Alexa my cum slut, taking my seed whenever I wanted.

All I needed to do was nick a few bottles of his potion (he had dozens hidden in the back) and I'd be set for a good year or two. That stuff was potent.

My mind wandered for a moment envisioning my wife and daughter making out with me joining in. That caused my cock to tug and strain even further in my shorts.

"Have a seat over there, honey..." I directed her. My voice suddenly sounded dry like I had a frog in my throat. "I'll grab us some tequila."

A moment (and precisely 1 drop) later, I'd brought our drinks to the table.

"Man, this is a cool set up!" She scanned the poker room. It had everything. A pool table, big screen TV complete with video systems, couches, coffee tables, the works. We always joked that it would make a good end-of-the-world bunker if it came to that.

Alexa gingerly took the drink I gave her and put it to her lips. I held my breath and discreetly watched her as she took a sip of the potent liquid. She made a face and for a second my heart sank. My plans would be for naught if she didn't drink it.

But then to my surprise, she began sipping on it.

"Needs more lime..." She giggled.

I arched an eyebrow at her.

"What? You don't think I'm a square, do you?" She looked at me seriously.


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