Hypnotized By Space Raptors

by Amber FoxxFire

Searching for a woman to help them re-populate their home planet, space raptors’ Rex and Baz found exactly what they were looking for in Chelsea, a very beautiful and slender 18-year-old earth woman, who - with the help of a hypnotic orb - is more than willing to give these large, dominant alpha raptors exactly what they want. And more!


"I... I... I want to mate with you both of you!" Her voice became fluttery as excitement glowed in her gray eyes. "My name is Chelsea."

Rex and Baz stepped forward with their dicks thrusting from their sheaths like swords lusting for battle.

How was it going to be like to fuck this female? Would she turn around and bend over, exposing her hot cunt to their greedy eyes? If she did that, it would signal the start of the mating process.

To their amazement she took off her pink shirt and let it flutter to the ground. She laughed when she saw their stunned faces.

"Guys! It's just my shirt. These are clothes." Chelsea placed her hand over her mouth as she giggled.

"What's that?" Baz pointed to her frilly red breast holder.

"It's my bra." She flung it away from her, exposing her luscious, melon-sized breasts.


For some unknown reason Rex and Baz wanted to reach out and touch her fleshly globes of delight. Before he could do, so she slid out of her shorts and gave them a wicked smile.

All they could do was stare at this slender and sexy bombshell. She was the perfect specimen to breed with and have her carry their raptor babies. That they were in the middle of the road didn't concern them in the least.

"Are you guys ready to learn how to fuck - earthling style?" Chelsea stepped toward Rex, pressing her large, soft, pillowy breasts into his chest. Her satin lips melded with his making the raptor's heart race.

Chelsea reached down and wrapped her small hand around Baz's throbbing dick and stroked it. The second in command grunted as fire swept through his blood, stirring him up, consuming him in lust.


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