Hypnotized My Sister With A Voodoo Doll

by Amber FoxxFire

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I had to test it! This voodoo doll I got from my friend. Surely it wouldn’t make any woman submissive to my suggestions, would it?

My sister was a perfect test subject. If this worked on her, I could use it on any woman!

With anticipation building inside of me, I rubbed the doll’s breasts and watched in excitement as my sister started squirming. Oh fuck! Was this really working?



I never really believed in magic, but when my friend told me he got laid after using this magic spell, I was willing to try anything once.

At this point I was having a dry spell. I hadn't had sex in two years and I was in serious need.

I was twenty one, in the prime of life, and yet all my dates as of late were ending up with a kiss on the cheek and a desire for them to be my friends.

So when my friend had told me about this trick to get himself laid, I was all ears and ready to listen.

He had sent me an email, showing me exactly how to do the spell and despite being a skeptic, I gathered the ingredients as he instructed and put them into a bowl.

Most of this stuff was pretty basic, and soon I had crushed and stirred everything into a salve ready to apply.

I read the next direction, to apply it to an effigy, in other words a doll to represent the person, so basically a voodoo spell.


Having borrowed one of my sister's dolls, I spread some of the salve on the doll and recited the magic words told to me.

Then finally I cut the doll and put the hair of the girl I wanted to seduce inside the doll.

Finally I sewed it back up and the voodoo doll was complete.

Truth be told, I was horny as fuck and I wanted to test this magic out. While my friend getting laid was a miracle, I couldn't just do this out in the real world to just anybody.

So I would make my sister my first test subject. She would determine if I could use this on other people.

It was late Saturday night, the doll had just been completed and she was relaxing on the couch watching some TV and playing with her phone.

Mom and dad were gone for the night, watching some art-house film in the big city an hour away.

I walked into the living room and took a seat in the recliner and slowly brought the doll out, looking at it and then looking back at my sister.

She was eighteen, cute as a button, and a perfect test subject for this voodoo doll.

She had beautiful black hair and her eyes were a vivid green. Her skin was pale and beautiful, and she looked like a model.


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