Humped By A Husky

by Kimmy Hicks

The man of my dreams, Miles, had hired me to dog sit his male husky, Juniper, for the weekend. When Miles left me all hot and bothered from our conversation, I found myself alone with his dog, and my unfulfilled needs. Luckily for me, Juniper was more attentive to what a woman needs than his owner seemed to be.

Juniper ignored my protest and turned his attention back to me, growling softly. When I started to get up to retrieve my discarded dildo, my pussy still dripping with need, the animal blocked me by standing over me. I was now trapped in a submissive position, naked and on my back as the dog loomed over me. Something hot grazed against my mound, and I glanced down the length of my body to see the dog's unsheathed, erect penis.

About the Author

Bestial delights and four-legged fun is my specialty! If cute girls being fucked like bitches and knotted by their canine lovers shocks you, then please don't read my books! Otherwise, come on in and watch the furry fantasies unfold! There will be no holding back - just as nature intended!

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