Hucow Wet Nurse

by Bessie Hucow

Raven was beside herself as she tried to find a way to help out her boss, the farmer Mr. McLean. Due to an unfortunate accident during his wife’s delivery, he was tasked with being the sole caretaker. When Raven learned that they’d made a pact not to ever bottle-feed, she searched frantically for the solution.

That solution came in the form of a small pill.

Becoming a Hucow isn’t easy as Raven’s about to learn. Watch as she’s put through her paces by a VERY dominant cowboy. He takes her in ways that she’s never dreamed of and she takes his seed inside her VERY fertile belly.


"I'm really sorry for your loss, Mr. McLean," Raven said as she finished her work in the kitchen. She'd been working for Mr. and Mrs. McLean for the last several years on their farm and had gotten to know them both quite well. That was why it was so traumatic when his wife died while giving birth to their child.

John hugged her and cried on her shoulder. "She was a fine woman," he said finally, his eyes red with tears. "We had so many dreams together. The baby was one of them. She wanted her so badly. And the irony is, she won't live to see her grow up."

Raven held him close to her as he unleashed another round of tears on her shoulder. It was the closest she'd ever been to him and even though she felt bad about it, she found herself getting excited by his manliness.

"I wish there was something I could do to help you, Mr. McLean," Raven said as she helped him wipe away his tears.


"That's just it," he explained as he sat down on the kitchen table and put his head in his hands. "We vowed that little Rebecca would only be breast-fed – and now I can't even keep my last promise to my wife." He began crying again and Raven rubbed his shoulders.

"Don't worry, Mr. McLean, we’ll figure something out," Raven said as she trundled upstairs to bed.


Try as she might get to sleep, Raven couldn't stop thinking about the farmer's plight. Not only was she going to grow up not knowing who birthed her, but she was going to be forced to drink from a bottle. That didn't sit too well with her.

Without realizing what she was doing, Raven got out of bed and sat in front of the computer. What was she looking for, anyway? The woman was gone. There was no way of bringing her back – at least not that she knew of. But if there was a way that she could help that little girl, then she had to try.

An hour of searching the Internet later, she was just about ready to give up, when she spotted a link to a small, inconspicuous forum that was dedicated to something called Hucows. She had no idea what a Hucow was, but the site intrigued her enough that she spent the next couple of hours devouring everything she could.

Bleary-eyed, she stumbled into the farmer's bedroom – a place where she was absolutely forbidden to go – and woke him up.

"Mr. McLean, Mr. McLean!" She shook the middle-aged, good-looking farmer awake. "Mr. McLean, you gotta wake up. I got some news for you."

John rubbed the stardust out of his eyes and looked up at his maid, annoyed that she would wake him up in the middle of the night. "Haven't I told you never to –"

"It's okay, Mr. McLean. I wouldn't have barged in here if it wasn't so important," the black haired beauty said, smiling.

John slipped on his slippers and stumbled to the kitchen. "Well at least let me get some coffee before you spill the news on me."

As they waited for the coffee to brew, Raven paced back and forth in the kitchen. After everything she read, she was certain that this was the solution to all of their problems. But would he accept it? Would he accept her turning into a Hucow so that she could nurse his baby? She could never possibly fill Mrs. McLean shoes, but she could give her the one thing that he couldn't: milk straight from the breast.

"Okay, spill it. What was so important that you had to wake me up in the middle of the night for?"


About the Author

Bessie Hucow is a cow. She likes doing cow things such as mooing and eating grass. She also likes to write very dirty stories. How does a cow write dirty stories? Simple, she nicked a computer and brought it into her barn where she writes under lamplight in the middle of the night when all her humans think she's asleep.

Why? To bring you the very best stories that a cow can write.

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