Home Alone Fondling my Daughter

by Lisa Smiles

Before he throws his youngest daughter's cotton panties straight in the wash, he fantasizes that she is the one sharing his bed. She may only be 18 and a shy virgin, but she's hot, and adores him, as his wife and older daughter do not. So why not! With his wife at work, fondling and grooming go further, until the girl in his house wearing cotton on her bottom, cottons on to his antics.

A 7700 word story.

"Home Alone Fondling my Daughters" celebrates the banality of the settings for the most extraordinary sex, that is, sex with barely legal shy virgin daughters. It's the fear of being caught or being (falsely) accused of abusing his power that reduces the sensitive new age incestuous father to jelly. There is also the matter of his daughter's innocent beauty: the lipstick on her front tooth; how her back is so perfect it looks good in normally unflattering love making positions; or how a blemish you can't see without glasses is enough to reduce the poor darling to tears. Which would be worse for him: losing everything if he tries but doesn't succeed, or never knowing the greatest rush life ever offered?
It's a story with no gimmicks or excesses, just a real daddy loosing control with a very real virgin daughter, but without losing sight of his love for her. Join him as he helps her enjoy her first time as only a loving daddy could do.


It was at this point, while the TV introduced swingers who must have been actors, that I flipped the elastic of my waist band and let my bare naked willy settle on Bella’s spine, right between the muscles than ran either side. How would she know I was massaging her lower back with a third thumb and using pre-cum as oil? There was no way she could possibly tell, was there? I was pressing so hard with my thumbs she was coiling and twisting, presenting me with more of those bare bottom cheeks exposed by her G-string.

That channel was getting a bit of reputation for going x-rated and tonight was no exception. The film makers had followed the swingers to one of their parties, and they sure as hell weren’t shying away with their cameras from all of their juicy and hard bits.

“Oh girls,” I said, “Isn’t this somewhat explicit!”


Morgan said, “Go away daddy if you’re not going to let yourself just enjoy it.” Then she said, “Hang on a second Bella. These bra straps are starting to bug me. Daddy, don’t look.” Morgan took her bra off over her head! Of the two girls Morgan was the least modest. Not being as dainty as Bella she could sunbath topless in the back yard and know I wouldn’t choose that as my moment to clean the pool. Bella, unfortunately, knew eyes followed her wherever she went, and could instinctively tell that mine were like anyone else’s.

Still, if ever there was an opportunity to get Bella’s top off, this would be it. “Morgan,” I said, “why don’t you tell Bella to take her top off as well.”

“Don’t bother asking her daddy, just do it. Hey it’s a shame we don’t have any massage oil.”

By that stage I had quite a river of pre-cum starting from the end of my shaft. I took a palm full and, leaning past Bella, smeared it across Morgan’s back. “There, rub that in to her Bella,” I said.

“What is it?”

“Just a little bit I had left in a tube. Here, lift your arms sweetie,” I said grabbing her bra.

“No!” she shrieked clamping her arms to her side.

“Oh shut up Bella!” her sister complained. “Anyway, what makes your boobs more special than mine?”

I think we all knew the answer to that question: the unmentionable fact that within this family one member stood out, without even trying. I nuzzled my nose through her dark silky locks and brought my lips to her ear. Just before I spoke I inhaled this perfume they had been fighting over, while pressing my wet penis into her back. It was one of those peach scents that make teenagers always smell poor and highly arousing.

“Up with your arms miss. You know we’re all family.”

“Daddy, what are you doing?” she whispered.

“Moving the straps so I can massage you.” She shook her head in frustration then motioned for me to bring my ear closer.

“I mean what are you doing with me?”


About the Author

In their physical details, taboo acts can sometimes be no different from boring old honeymoon love scenes, but that's not my main focus. What fascinates me are relational details, or the way girls do their makeup, or the way incest is bass jumping compared to other sex that's just cricket. Why is that? It's precisely because of the fear. In the arts that fear is called The Sublime. You might feel it in your chest when you read me.

Please, reach out to me however you can. I want to work with you to provide unique reading experiences and valuable products that you will store and return to again and again.

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