Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 2

by Amber FoxxFire

Now that my 18-year-old son had sated his lust on Sadie, the Siberian Husky, it was time for him to take me, his mother. I’d never wanted anyone as much as I wanted my son right then. I’d do anything for him.


Part 1 - I help my son fuck Sadie, our Siberian Husky.
Part 2 - My son takes control and fucks both of us.

Watch as I become the animal!


I brought him to the edge one last time, then quickly took the cock out of my mouth and aimed it at Sadie's.

"Mom! What are you --?" He started to ask, but his orgasm took over and he began coating the siberian's cute face with his thick, ropey cum. Over and over he shot, making our dog a sticky, gooey mess. It was all over, her muzzle, lips, teeth, tongue, you name it.

That's when I got on all fours and began kissing and licking the cum off Sadie's furry lips. I French-kissed her as we shared our favorite human's dominant man cum.

"Fuck me!" I cried out, sticking my ass up in the air like a bitch in heat. "Fuck your momma!" Sadie and I shared a very hot, erotic cum kiss as my son pushed his already hardened cock right up against my sopping wet, motherly cunt and shoved it in.


"Fuck yeah!" I cried out as he grabbed my hair and yanked back. I suddenly realized that I LIKED being used as a slut. As long as I was my son's slut. But I also wanted to be his cum receptacle. I wanted him to fill my cunt to over-flowing with his dog-fucking cock until it dripped down onto the floor. And then I wanted him to make me clean it up.

I screamed as my son rammed his big, fat cock deep inside my motherly cunt. He wasted no time with niceties as he took what he knew was rightfully his. He reached around and played with my breasts as he fucked me hard and silly. His father had never been this dominant. I wanted to be my son's filthy slut so bad it hurt.

"Pound me, son! Do what you want to your momma!"

A cry escaped my lips as I felt my son's dominant, stinging slap against my cheek. I was about to say something, then I remembered that I wanted him to be dominant over me. I wanted him to dominate us submissive girls anytime he desired. If he had a hard-on, one of us would be taking care of it. We'd be his harem, doing whatever he asked of us.


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