Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 1

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Helping My Son Fuck The Dog 1

Catching my 18-year-old son laying with our dog, Sadie, it was obvious he needed help. My pussy tingled as I thought about him banging the dog. Should I help him? Or scold him?

This one incident sent me down a dark, twisted path that I could never have imagined.

Part 1 - I help my son fuck Sadie, our Siberian Husky.
Part 2 - My son takes control and fucks both of us.

Watch as I become the animal.


Part 1 preview:

"You need to get her ready. Just like any woman, she'd like her pussy licked..." I said huskily as I ran my hands all over my hot son.

Max looked at me, then back to the dog. "Lick her?"

I nodded. "And kiss her. Give her some TLC. You know?" I couldn't believe I was saying these things.

My pussy throbbed and grew wetter as I watched my son lean over and press his lips to Sadie's. He jumped back when she eagerly began licking his face with her tongue.

"No, just give in. Let her lick you. Kiss her tongue." I instructed.

My son closed his eyes and stuck out his tongue, letting the horny husky go to town on it. Soon he got into it and began making out with her. He ran his hands all over her furry body as their tongues intertwined. God damn if that wasn't the hottest thing ever!


I watched as they French-kissed, then reminded him that he needed to pay attention to her lady parts. I spread open her swollen, red pussy lips and my son went to town licking and kissing and sucking her down there. He stuck his tongue inside and by the time he was finished she was as wet as I was.

"Okay, now lay on top of her," I whispered as I guided his cock to her swollen entrance.


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