Heat-Crave : Anal Incest 14

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Heat-Crave : Anal Incest 14
Part of the Anal Incest series:

The hottest day of the year means people cope in various ways.  Me?  I’m stripped down to a bikini with a bowl of iced water in front of our pedestal fan.

Daddy returns home and the first thing he does is strip out of his work attire, right down to his underwear.  I’ve never seen him like that before …

We’re both hot, but we’re about to get much hotter when Daddy starts showing me ways of using ice-cubes that I’d never heard of, including slipping them into my ass!


“Use me, Daddy,” I told him.

He pressed the cube to my pussy and then dropped his face to me, licking all around me and probing deep into my O.

The ice cube went in his mouth again and he pushed my legs up and back.  Suddenly I felt the cool swirl of his tongue around my asshole, wand I let out a shocked laugh.

“That’s my ass, Daddy,” I cried, wondering whether or not he knew.

He seemed to know perfectly well.  He made no attempt to move elsewhere, and I began to realize that I loved getting my ass toyed with like that.

He pressed into the tight knot and waggled his tongue.  I closed my eyes and a serene smile spread over me.  I bit my lip and then gasped as I felt him begin to feed the ice-cube into me.

“Daddy!” I giggled.

“You can take much more than that,” he told me confidently.

I started to believe him.


My asshole engulfed the cube and sucked it right up inside me.  My insides turned cool and I felt a delightful, naughty thrill.  Daddy and I were doing something so unconventional that I’d never even heard it talked about.

He grabbed another ice cube and held it in his hand.  He steered it to my ass and watched closely as he pushed that inside too.

“I think I need to send something in there after it,” he said.

I looked to that huge cock of his and wondered how I’d cope.  Daddy grabbed it and shuffled his hand over it slowly.

He pinned my legs back and put the head of his cock to my ass.  “It’s so cool,” he said, looking down.

I rubbed at my pussy, wondering if I might be able to tempt him, but Daddy had made up his mind it seemed.

Regardless I continued to play, working my fingers over my clit and letting the cum eke its way out from my sodden core.  It flowed over towards my ass and Daddy rubbed it around with the head of his cock.

“Gosh, Gabby,” he said.  “You’re making me want to do something crazy.”

“Then do it,” I told him.

He looked me in the eye to make sure if I was serious.  I had to ask myself if I was too.

“Do it,” I repeated.

Daddy shook his head and then looked down to the impossibly small dot that was on display.  He pushed his cock against it and changed his angle of approach.  I felt the pressure at my knot and slowly it swallowed over him.  I’d have loved to see it.

I imagined a camera pointed up between Daddy’s legs, like how you see in porn.  There’d be his gorgeous balls hanging down, but beyond that there’d be the sinful sight of his cock getting swallowed up in a place it absolutely didn’t belong.


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