Handsome Tutor To Sexy Student : Bodyswaps 4

by Fearne Forrester

Lacey gets piano lessons from Mr. Reacher and unbeknownst to both, each of them have sinful thoughts of the other. With a nearly twenty-year age difference, neither of them act, that is, until a power surge through their practice keyboard sees the two of them swap bodies! Now Lacey can see all the things she’d hoped to, and Mr. Reacher can feel exactly what Lacey feels when the duo commits to sin!


“I couldn’t help but notice …” Mr. Richards began, and he pointed to Lacey’s crotch.

Lacey looked down and saw the cause for his concern.  She put a hand over her mouth and looked at her old self in the eye.

“Sorry,” she said.  “I … I didn’t know what was happening.”

“It’s okay.  Sometimes they just … happen.”

“What do you do about them?  Do they go away on their own?”

Mr. Richards laughed, and it left him as a cutesy giggle.  “They do.  You can help them go away, but they can go away on their own too.”

“Help them go away?”

Mr. Richards nodded and looked awkward.  Lacey got the picture.

“Oh yes, of course.”  She paused.  “Do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Help them go away?”

Mr. Richards felt his pussy swell.  “Sometimes.”

“That must be fun.”



Lacey rocked on the stool a little.  It was strange for Mr. Richards to see all the mannerisms of a nineteen-year-old woman in his forty-five-year-old body

“Is it hard to do?” she asked.

“You just keep pulling,” Mr. Richards laughed.

Lacey bit at her lip.  “Will you show me?”

That sentence hit Mr. Richards like a train.  He felt his pussy-lips flutter with delight.  “I can if you’d like?”

Lacey moved her hands to her sides and rested them on the lip of the stool.  “I’d like.”

Mr. Richards felt a nervousness that he’d never known before.  He was usually so confident when it came to sex, but he’d never done it from the other side.  He was intrigued by the notion of jerking his own cock from someone else’s body.  He was intrigued too by the idea of someone entering him, but that was something he’d broach to Lacey later.

Mr. Richards tackled Lacey’s pants, finding that act alone to be strange now that it was reversed.  He pulled them open wide as Lacey parted her legs to allow her tutor between.

Mr. Richards stared at the underwear that he’d put on that morning.  He could see his thick cock beneath it.  Lacey stared down at it, biting her lip.  She couldn’t wait.

“Do it,” she urged, and her voice sounded full of authority.

Mr. Richards found himself instinctively obeying the command.  He slid his long nails down inside the waist of Lacey’s underwear and felt the stiff cock beneath.

Lacey let out a breath that turned into a moan when Mr. Richards started to yank at her pants.  He tugged them down forcefully and then froze as the huge cock bounced free and settled in front of him.

Lacey looked from it to Mr. Richards.  She could tell from the expression that he was seeking permission to continue.  If you’re about to suck your own cock, it’s much better for someone to tell you to do it first.

“Suck my cock,” Lacey said, and she held the hilt firm.  She looked down and jerked it slowly while Mr. Richards found the courage.

He shuffled forwards on his bare knees.  His skirt flowed over his legs until only the soles of his sneakers were visible behind him.

He rose on his knees and opened his mouth, then he pushed down over the smooth crown of his former cock, feeling it in his mouth—in Lacey’s mouth.

“Yes!” Lacey’s burst, tossing her head back.  To feel that warm embrace around her and to be inside something was a sensation she didn’t know.  Warm apple pie wasn’t as far away from the feeling as she’d thought.


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