Grandpa Held Mom Down While I Raped Her

by Amber FoxxFire

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Busting in on grandpa banging the daylights out of mom, I realized I had stumbled into a dark, family secret.

Grandpa passed the family heirloom to me. Mom was mine, now. To do as I pleased. He showed me how to take mom by force and turn her into my cum slave. Unwilling and struggling, grandpa tied her up on the bed and instructed me to take my pound of flesh from her submissive, helpless body.


I could not believe it! I could NOT believe my lyin eyes. Looking for mom, I couldn't find her anywhere. She wasn't in the house. She was at her next-door neighbor's, she wasn't anywhere to be seen. Her van was in the driveway, so I knew she must be close, but where?

Then I saw it. A note on the kitchen counter something about groceries for gramps. Grandpa Wilson - her father - lived just across the street. He was a spry 70-year-old and could still handle himself like no one's business. He was a WWII vet, after all.

Yep, that was exactly where mom was.

But when I knocked on the door, I heard moaning coming from the bedroom. Furrowing my brows, I thought at first something must've been wrong. Was Grandpa hurt? Then I heard mom moan and my brow deepened. Was mom hurt?


Without thinking about what I was doing, I raced inside and busted open the door. My mind buzzed with all the things that I might expect to find. A hundred different scenarios and not one of them came remotely close to what I actually found.

"Mom!" I gasped as I saw mom on top of Grandpa, riding his cock like Annie Oakley riding her horse.

"Hey, son." Mom blushed furiously, but continued riding up and down on grandpa's stiff pole. She was fucking her father!

Grandpa waved at me. "Hey, son! I see you found out our secret. I've been banging your mom ever since she turned 18."

"Dad!" Mom groaned, her pretty face flushing a thousand shades of red.

"Well, it's true. I mean, now that he knows our secret, he may as well learn all the secrets. Say, John, has your mom fucked your brains out yet?" He looked up at me even as he lifted mom up and down on his massive cock.

"Dad!" Mom gasped harder.

"Well? You remember what I taught you. A son's first fuck should be his mother's." He turned to me. "You've still got your v-card, right boy?"

I sheepishly nodded, not believing where this convo was going. Throughout the entire conversation, gramps was banging away at mom's pussy like it was his second job.

I had completely forgotten what I'd come here for and now kind of wished I hadn't.

"There. See, you still have the opportunity."

Mom's hand flew to her mouth. "I couldn't fuck my own son! That's..."

"What? Incest?" Grandpa bellowed out a laugh. "What the hell do you think we've been doing the last twenty years? Having a tea party?"


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