Going The Distance With My Son : Desperate Mothers

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Going The Distance With My Son : Desperate Mothers
Part of the Desperate Mothers series:

With money tight I take a lift in my son Kevin’s eighteen-wheeler as he drives across states, but I wasn’t prepared for life on the road.

I take a shower at a truck-stop and go back to the cabin to find my son watching adult movies.  He says it’s just something he does, but it’s a shock to see him enjoying himself like that.

I tell him to act like he would if I wasn’t there, and that’s when Kevin whips it out.  I’m shocked but I can’t turn away.  Read how I take his c-shot inside me, like any good mother should.


“Mom, you don’t want to—”

I turned stern.  “Show me, Kevin.”

If my son was masturbating to this kind of thing I wanted to make sure it was the right type of porn.

He hit play and I stared at the screen.  A huge, hard cock hammered into a faceless pussy.  The camera was so close-up that I found it tough to get anything from the scene.

Suddenly the angle changed, and I could see the face of each star.  The guy’s lip was curled as he stood behind the woman whose mouth hung open as her face contorted in a kind of pained pleasure.

“Hmmm,” I said, studying the screen.

“Say when,” Kevin said, taking the remote from me.

“You know I’ve never watched this kind of stuff before …?”

“That does not surprise me.  I’m gonna turn it off.”

“No.  No, I want to see how it finishes.”

“It finishes, Mom.”

“I want to see how.”


Kevin put a hand over his face.

“Is this turning you on now?” I asked.

Kevin looked to the screen and shrugged.  “Kind of.”

“Then please,” I said, offering him the bed.  “Don’t stop on my account.”

“Mom, come on …”

“Pretend I’m not here,” I said, and I turned the passenger chair around and sat in it, pressing the towel against my wet hair as I watched the screen.  “Just … go right ahead.”

“I can’t do that, Mom.”

“It’s easy,” I said, and I put the towel down.  “Look.”

I took my hand and put it to the crotch of my jeans, then I started to rub.

“Mom …” Kevin said, standing there.

I kept my hand where it was, looking across at him and staring him right in the eye.  “Making you uncomfortable?”

Kevin shuffled on the spot.  His erection either hadn’t ever gone down or it was back.  I could see it pressing at the crotch of his jeans.

“Let’s just put something else on,” Kevin said.

“I want to watch this,” I told him, and I continued to rub at my pussy.

I started to feel it now.  I could feel the warmth of it against my panties.  I could feel my heart rate increase ever-so-slightly.  I could feel the mood of the cabin change.

“Should I continue?” Kevin asked, pointing to his spot on the bed where he’d been.

“Please do.”

I looked up at the screen and pretended to ignore Kevin as he reclined back in the double-bed.  He spread his legs and looked up at the screen, then he looked across at me.

I could feel his gaze on me, but I ignored it, keeping my attention on the pounding cock that disappeared repeatedly inside the tight, young pussy on the screen.

Kevin could be heard unbuckling his jeans again on the bed.  I tried my damnedest to remain a fly-on-the-wall and not interfere, but it was proving increasingly difficult.

I could see in my periphery that his cock was once again on display.  I stared blankly at the screen with my attention on that blurry image of Kevin’s cock at the corner of my vision.

My fingers pushed on my pussy, and I leaned back in the chair, taking a breath.  I could fee Kevin’s eyes on me.

When I finally looked at him, he was staring at my hand as it rubbed at my hot crotch.  Even with the option of porn right in front of him, Kevin chose to look at me.

“That not doing it for you?” I asked eventually, nodding to the screen.

“I can watch that any time.”

My eyes faltered down towards Kevin’s stiffness.  It lurched up from out of the split in his jeans, pointing skywards like a landmark.

“I think I prefer looking at that too,” I said eventually, and now the porn was just a backdrop.


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