Getting Dirty With Daddy : Anal Incest 7

by Kimmy Welsh

Book Cover: Getting Dirty With Daddy : Anal Incest 7
Part of the Anal Incest series:

Daddy and I are extremists.  We love a challenge.  When we compete in a long-distance running event known for its toughness, we wind up caked in dirt and exhausted.

Read as we retire to our rental apartment and wash off the mud before facing our most extreme challenge yet: fitting something so big inside a place so tight!


I felt his hands on my shoulders and he started to pinch.  He had some soap on them still and his thumbs slipped over me.

“Mmm,” I cooed.  “That’s good.”

I let out a breath as Daddy massaged me.

“Mom’s not the only one getting the spa treatment,” he said.

His voice sounded different.  It was more sensual and calmer.

“Daddy’s magic hands,” I whispered.

He pinched across my shoulders and started to work into my back.  He was good.  His hands moved magically, leaving a wake of relieved muscles in their wake.

I rocked my neck and reached back for him.  I just wanted to touch him like he was touching me.  I found his waist and pulled him close.

He stepped into me and put his body close to mine.  I could feel that big, delicious cock on me.  Fuck, that’s something else.

“Oh, Daddy,” I whispered.  It was like a surrender to him.


He put his hands under my arms and gripped my tits, pulling me back against him.  I couldn’t believe what was happening.  I gasped and looked back.  His head came to my neck, and he gave a nibble close to my shoulder.

“Daddy,” I trembled.  “I can feel you.”

His cock pressed against my ass and his hands squeezed at my tits.  That same magical sensation was present in my breasts now too.  He pushed them up my chest and then started to grind himself against me.

“You looked so good today,” he told me.  Each sentence was separated by wet pecks to my neck and ear.  “Following that ass of yours was what got me through.  You looked so hot all wet and muddy.”

I turned to face him, looking down my nose at his lips.  The wet hair on his chest tickled at my breasts.

“This is dangerous,” I told him.

He seemed to relax and deflate.  “I should stop.”

“No,” I told him quickly, grabbing his wrist.  “I like your hands on me.”

I put him at my waist, and he grabbed my hips.  His big cock flirted dangerously close to my pussy.

“Please,” I told him.  “I want you.”

I put a hand on his face, and he brought his lips to mine.  We kissed passionately and the warm water flowed over us.

The second our lips touched my confidence grew.  I leaned away and put my hand on his midriff, moving it down and finding his hard cock.  He felt amazing in my grasp all wet like that.  I moved my fist over him and felt him grunt into my mouth.

He took his lips off mine and stayed where he was, enjoying me for the moment.  I pumped along him slow, studying the pleasure on his face as I did so.

“You like that?” I asked him.

He nodded.

“You like your daughter’s hands on your cock?”

His eyes sprang open as I highlighted the taboo.  He swallowed.

“I like my Daddy’s big cock in my hand,” I told him, hoping to relax him again.

I pumped hard and then got on my knees.  Daddy wasn’t going anywhere if there was a blowjob in the offing, I could be sure of that.  Few men could turn one down.


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