Genie Forced My Sister To Become My Sex Slave

by Amber FoxxFire

Grabbing a deal on a beautiful curio lamp at the local antiques store, genies and wishes were the furthest thing from my mind. I just liked the lamp. A few rubs here and a few spiffs there and - voila! I had a nice decoration piece.

Except this lamp was much more than just a decorative piece.

Much more.



I stood there in the curio shop looking at a dingy old lamp. It had seen better days, needed a polish, and it was very dated in style. Despite all of this I really liked it, it had something the other stuff didn't have, it had some soul to it.

Inspecting the piece, I looked it over for any nicks or gashes, anything that would disqualify it.

Despite its old age and being a bit dingy, it was in surprisingly good shape.

"I'll take this, my good man." I announced cheerfully to the shop keeper and handed him some cash.

The old Indian man who ran the shop smiled at me, flashing his pearly whites and giving me a small nod, "Very good choice sir, this lamp will bring you much happiness. You are fortunate to have seen it." He commented.

Wrapping up my purchase and completing the transaction, I went on home happy I had something cool to put in my room.


Driving back, I was anxious to get it all cleaned up, then find the perfect spot for it.
I went inside the house and got some cloth, some polish, a bit of warm water, and sat down to work.
Starting to rub it down and clean it, I noticed just how badly the lamp had been neglected, it hadn't been outside or anything, but it must have been in that shop forever.

Finally done, I wiped away the last smudge before holding it in my hands to admire it fully clean now.

However, while I held it something strange happened, it began to feel warm, and then I felt it shake.

Shocked at whatever was happening I tried to let it go but I couldn't, the shaking was too much and then I felt a huge surge of power as light and smoke shot out of the lamp and swirled forward, flowing across the kitchen at a rapid rate.

It looked like fireworks and I could hear a giggle in my ears as the smoke continued to fill, the lights getting brighter.

Then all of a sudden, the smoke cleared, the lights stopped, and I squinted, focusing on what was before me.

A gorgeous woman had appeared before me, in belly dancer garb.

It was strange and yet the allure she held intrigued me.

She had a golden circlet on top of her head, with a pony tail holding her hair up, some cloth securing it all together.

Her dress was red with gold accents on the trim, and it looked like it was made of silk.

She had on a bra holding her curvy chest, and the way her top was cut only accented her large playful curves.

She had eyes dark blue like an ocean, and her skin was a lovely dark shade, either she was Indian or Middle Eastern.


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