Gender Swap, Princess Pop

by Mystique Vixen

When Charles, the sexually-charged castle guard, fresh from the hunt, stumbles upon a nefarious plot to interfere with the royal marriage by turning the princess into a man - possibly leading to a coup - he doesn’t take it lying down. Nope, after his nap, he slips the liquid to the soon-to-be prince instead.

Find out what happens when Cynthia, the princess, bursts in on them. With her betrothed nowhere in sight on their wedding night, will she fling herself into the arms of the promiscuous wanna-be knight errant, Charles. Does she let him take her hard and WITHOUT protection right in front of her transformed husband-to-be? Will the prince-turned-princess keep mum about his new-found transformation? Or will she try to convince the princess that she hasn’t run off on their wedding night.

This is a shockingly hot 6k word story that will leave you breathless and panting for more.


“Oh Lord! Deeper, Charles!” shouted the girl I had bent over a table in a small, hidden hut smack dab in the middle of the carnival event held within the castle walls.

The girl moaned and pulled me closer to her as I blew my hot load inside her scorching, tight pussy.
Right now I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t what I got up to half the day.

My name was Charles and I was probably one of the more useless guards at this castle. Royal standards had to be kept high, but when you’re a pervert like me, even in times like these, it’s difficult not to want a release every now and then - or - several times a day.

When I wasn’t busy having girls visit my cock, I was trying to figure out ways to one day get close to the princess. Cynthia was her name, and because of all the protection she has - not just sexually - it’s pretty difficult to get near her without some sort of clever, conniving plan akin to a prison escape.


You could say I was the jealous type, she was to wed a prince by the name of Jeremy. She had just turned twenty and was as beautiful as a porcelain doll. I felt a pang of jealousy whenever I thought of him even near her.

I rode back one evening after my weekly hunting session and stopped to find a man sticking up a poster with a silly drawing of the princess being turned into a man.
So no one else could see it, I ripped the poster off the wall and collared the man somewhere quiet as he was walking off.

“Hey, what’s this all about?” I asked him quietly. It wasn’t strictly my job to ensure that her reputation wasn’t besmirched, but it was something I took on myself. Maybe defending her honor would also get me close to her. Probably not, but that didn’t stop me.

“It’s nothing bad sir, I promise,” he said, sighing. “It’s my old man, he wanted me to advertise something he’s been working on.”

“And where is he now?”

“He’s in his room working as always, I can show you to him if I must.”

“Alright,” I said, letting him go, with my hand on his shoulder as he guided me, just in case he ran off.

Within the castle, there were still parts I’d never seen. I told myself never to explore them because they were scary and creepy. As a guard it was ridiculous to have such intangible fears and insecurities, not to mention the reluctance to even study the architecture, but what could I say? I was a creature of inherited fear and laziness. The only reason I could cope in the dark at night was because I usually had a girl sleeping next to me.

Onward we trekked down the dark corridors that I never even knew existed, with chandeliers and other sources of light becoming more and more non-existent with each turn, replaced by old-fashioned torches. We eventually got to a door with barriers and locks, which opened once my new friend knocked on the door yelling, “it’s me, lemme in!”

All the locks seemed to open by themselves. “Ah, you’re back! So soon?” A tall, bearded man said when the door creaked open, before looking at me and lowering his voice, “who are you?”

Before I said anything, he interrupted, “don’t answer that. I recognize you, Charles, you lazy bastard, come on in.” I was just about to take offense when I saw that he had a smile on his face.


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