Gave My Sister A Mind Control Pill & She Turned Into An Obedient Dog

by Amber FoxxFire

I had no idea THAT would happen! One moment, my 18-year-old sister was a stuck-up little princess, and the next, she was a horny, obedient dog, willing to do anything I asked of her.
It was an experiment, you see. I'd gotten a sample from this creepy guy who was selling all kinds of "mind-altering" drugs at a rave.

I don't know, the guy seemed weird, but I was bored and horny, and decided to try one on my sister.

It was an intense moment, and before long, the pill kicked in and she was completely under my control.

I turned away for one moment, then turned back and she was a sexy black and tan German Shepherd.

Woof! She replied, looking at me with those sexy, big brown eyes.

My cock hardened. I didn't know what the fuck was going on, but I loved the power trip.

"Lay down," I commanded.

She obeyed, and I stared down at her.

"Good dog," I said, kneeling down to pat her head. She licked my face with her long, wet tongue and I chuckled.

I don't know why, but the feeling of her tongue against my face did something to me. Yeah, I really WAS horny, wasn't I?

I suddenly wanted more.

"Kiss me." I ordered. "French kiss me."

Her big, soft lips met mine and I groaned, my cock twitching.

She licked my lips and shoved her tongue inside my mouth, and I was in heaven.

I'd never felt a girl's tongue this deep in my mouth, and it was so amazing, my cock was leaking.

I stroked my cock as she kissed me, her tongue licking my lips, and then sliding into my mouth.

Her tongue felt so warm and soft, and it made me so fucking hard. I ran my hands all over her silky body.

"Good girl!" I patted her on the head and she woofed and wagged her tail excitedly.

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