Gangraped By The Goblins

by Monster Rape

The princess’ fine, succulent body was on full display for me and my boys. While my trusty bodyguard held her down, the Shaman cast spells to soften her up and I…well, let’s just say I took what was NOT mine.

Of course she fought, I’d have expected nothing less. But that made it even more fun. No woman had ever fought me before.

Who knew breeding an heir could be this much fun.

- Goblin Chief


Heldar reined his large gray wolf to a halt and watched his mount sniff the river bank. Then the wold snarled and charged into the rushing river.

"She went this way!" He glanced over his shoulder to his bodyguard and shaman.

He gripped his bola tighter as the excitement of the hunt consumed him. He would have her!

"We've got to catch her, Chief." Dare said, his voice betrayed his excitement.

"If we catch her, we can demand ransom from her father." Rinzar said, riding his wolf beside him.

Heldar nodded, but he had other things planned. He urged his wolf up the slope and raced through the tall pines. Breaking through the forest and into a meadow, they saw the princess running through the tall grass.

The slender princess was so beautiful and graceful she reminded him of an innocent doe. He motioned for Rinzar to go one way and Dare the other. They raced off, knowing they'd catch her while Heldar gave a whoop and kicked his wolf into a run.


The princess cast a glance over her shoulder and picked up her pace. He laughed as he whirled his bola over his head.

It flew toward the 18-year-old princess, wrapped around her slender, well-toned legs and brought her to the ground. Leaping off his wolf as she lay stunned, he approached. The prize was his!

"You got her!" Dare yelled, rushing up to him.

Rinzar came from across the field, whooping and sending sparks into the air. Heldar shook his head as a smile spread across his lips.

"Shaman, you're such a show-off." Heldar said.

"Of course. What do you expect." Rinzar chuckled.

He turned to the young woman and gave a long, loud wolf whistle. Her soft, porcelain skin glowed with innocence and the radiance of a goddess greeted his gaze. She glanced up at him with her wide, soulful eyes which made his cock rage in his pants.

With the quickness of a cat she flicked out a knife and sliced through bola, glaring at them with defiance in her eyes.


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