Gang Raped by the SWAT Team

Anal Oral Spit Roast Forced Deep Throat Humiliation

by Belle Bottoms

It was horrible. My boyfriend tied me down to the kitchen table so he and his thug, drug dealer friends could take turns raping me. But right in the middle they all take off running and leave me there alone—tied up with my legs spread wide and a vibrator taped down to my clit.

Then the SWAT team busts in through the front door. I’m totally humiliated as they stand there and watch me come while I writhe around on the table with the vibrator attached to my clit. I'm embarrassed but relieved because I figure they’re going to untie me, but they don’t. They spend the next few hours taking turns raping all of my holes too. Then they take me down to the police station so they can question me about my asshole boyfriend.

Author's Note: Gang Raped by the SWAT Team is also published in a consensual format under the title Taken by the SWAT Team by Jackie McNab


I looked into his eyes and saw a coldness I’d never seen before. I’d been living with him for three months and he’d never talked to me like this. Suddenly, I just wanted to get the hell out of there. I didn’t want him to see how scared I was. I figured maybe I could calm him down and tell him I was gonna go out and pick up his favorite take out. I thought maybe I could convince him to let go of me if I could just stop shaking. “Yeah … but … it’s for you, Jeff. Come on. It’s just you and me, right?”

“Not tonight, babe.” He flipped me around and pushed me forward over the table and yanked my skirt up. I screamed when I felt him rip my panties off with one hand while kicking my feet apart. “Tonight you’re gonna get it from everyone.”

“What the fuck?!” I screamed as my boyfriend crammed his cock into my dry pussy. “Jeff, you’re hurting me!”


“Just relax, Gina. It’ll be over before you know it,” he said with a laugh.

“No! Please, Jeff. I’ll do anything you want. Just don’t do this! Please! Don’t let your friends fuck me!”

I felt his hand cover my mouth and jerk my head backward so that I was almost bent in half, then his hot breath on my ear. “Shut the fuck up, Gina. If I hear another sound out of you, you’re dead.”

His friends all got up from the table and surrounded me, tearing my clothes off of me while Jeff continued to slam into me from behind.

“I’m next, dude,” I heard one of them say. I couldn’t believe Jeff was doing this to me. “Hey, lets flip her on her back. That way we can go two at a time.”

“Hold on, man, I’m almost done,” I heard Jeff grunt as he gripped my hips hard, thrusting himself deep inside me. When he pulled out I could feel the cum drip back out of me. The next thing I knew I was on my back on the table and my arms and legs were being held down. I tried to struggle free but the four guys had me pinned down. My arms and legs hurt, they were being held so tight. I couldn’t move a muscle.


About the Author

Hi there. I’m Belle Bottoms and I’m a very naughty girl. I like to write hardcore stories about gang rape, drugged sex, drunk sex, forced prostitution, forced pregnancy, blackmail and coercion. If you’re naughty like me, then you've come to the right place.

Belle Bottoms

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