Gang raped by dogs on an underground sex show

by Penelope Liksit

Tonight's show is one with a difference. For the host is about to cross a line. For the first time a show will feature rape. And there will also be a little audience participation as an unsuspecting woman in the audience is hauled onto stage to be subjected to a bestial violation by five German Shepherds for the entertainment of everyone else.


“If I told you ladies gentlemen, that I had pack of slavering dogs backstage and that I was talking about bestial gang rape, then would that excite you even more?” An excited murmur from the audience. Oh they were a wicked lot. “And if I were to tell you that my friends, you would then expect me to perhaps being out a young woman that I had procured for this nefarious purpose; a prostitute, a drug addict, a homeless person. Someone who will not be missed to throw to the dogs so to speak. But no, I have no such hapless victim waiting backstage. Tonight’s show is one with a difference in more ways than one, for tonight ladies and gentlemen, one of you shall be the star of the show.” Smiles dropped of faces, as his implication hit. “Yes ladies and gentlemen-or more specifically ladies, gentlemen you can rest easy. Tonight one of you shall be gang raped by dogs right here on this very stage.” One could have heard a pin drop.


The murmurs of excitement had now been replaced by stunned silence and open mouths. The host pointed to one women in the crowd, her eyes widening in horror.


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