Futa/Gender Swap/Sissy 94-Pack

by Jilly Bangs

This brings together Futa/Gender Swap/Sissy 42-Pack and Futa/Gender Swap/Sissy 52-Pack. Lots of gender bending stories to keep you going.


I like, totally grew a thing and did my best friend: Futa on female/Smart scientist lady turned into futa bimbo: Futa on female/Bimbo and futa get messy in the back seat: Futa on female/Futa professor humiliates bimbo: Futa on female/My futa neighbour knocked me up: Futa on female/Knocked up on the futa nudist beach: Futa on female/Futa trainer knocks up client: Futa on female/Futas knock me up in front of my humiliated husband: Futa on female/Taking his wife in front of him: Futa on female/Cucked by the futa exhibitionist: Futa on female/Saleswoman takes my wife: Futa on female/I came home from work to find two futas doing my wife: Futa on female/Futa gives me her cream: Futa on male/Creamy futa nurses me: Futa on male/Hucow futa on a farm: Futa on male/Futa nun gives priest her cream: Futa on male/Giving my neighbour her first time: Futa on female/I’ve got a thing and my roommate wants it!


Futa on female/Taken by the cop: Futa on female/Shower surprise: Futa on female/Humiliated by two futa call girls: Futa on male/Pastor taken by futa in front of congregation: Futa on male/Futa takes wolf whistler: Futa on male/Milf futa takes two peeping toms: Futa on male/My girlfriend grew one as a side effect: Futa on male/Surprise! Take this! Futa on male/Woodland futa knocks me up: Futa on male/My boss’ wife had a thing: Futa on male/Futa professor puts me over her knee: Futa on male/Corrected by the futa cop: Futa on male/Futa boss gives me an enema: Futa on male/I became a futa and disciplined my husband: Futa on male/My threesome in a barn with the farmer and his futa wife: Futa on man and woman/My first porn shoot was with two futas: Futa on man and woman/Free use futa: Futa on man and woman/Job interview with two futas: Futa on man and woman/Alpha boss body swaps with porn star: Gender swap/Cop body swaps with hooker he arrested: Gender swap/I became a milf and got ganged: Gender swap/Body swapped and ganged in the gym: Gender swap/Sissy sells himself/Sissified by my wife/Getting half an hour with a futa hooker as incentive to take the V/First time with a futa hooker/Spending my lottery winnings on two futa hookers/Futa highway hooker/Ganged by black futas/Ganged by the rich woman’s futa servants/Taken by a group of futas while out hiking/Taken by four futas in the gym/Body swapped with the maid and double teamed: Gender swap/Body swapped with my bride and double teamed: Gender swap/Body swapped with the stewardess and ganged: Gender swap/Body swapped with a stripper and done by my buddies: Gender swap/I became my girlfriend and found out she was a harlot/I became my boss and did everyone in the office/I woke up as a woman then got ganged/I became the traffic cop and let the drivers have me/Futa conquers pizza lady/Taken by the futa hitchhiker/Taken publicly and rough by the futa/Spanked by my futa boss/The Free Use Futa Cafe/Free Use Futa Town/The free use futa bus/Free use futa hotel/Futa homewrecker takes the TV repair guy/A futa homewrecker on a train/Futa paid to homewreck/Futa cop ruins my marriage/I grew one and did the female doctor/I grew one and did both my cellmates/I became a futa with cream and did my maid/I became a futa and did the farmer’s wife/Feminizing myself behind bars/A sissy for my army buddies/A sissy for the truckers/A sissy gets frisky with gypsies on the Mississippi/I became a woman and did a group of guys live online/I transformed into a likeness of the milf and took on two guys/Transformed into a porn star/Transforming into a woman in a massage parlour/Taken by the futa witch in the woods/Taken rough by the futa succubus/Taken by the futa siren/Taken by the demon futa nun/Watching my futa wife with another man in a hotel room/Futa hotwife on a plane/My futa wife double teamed backstage/Watching my futa bride with other men/Futa does lover in backseat while husband drives/Futa ganging in backseat/Creamy backseat futa/Car sales futa takes customer in backseat


About the Author

Looking for stories of rough gangbangs featuring submissive women? These bitches get treated like the sluts they are and get cock in every hole and cum all over their bodies. Jilly Bangs will take care of all your filthy desires.

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