Fucked My Sleepwalking Mother

by Amber FoxxFire

Ever since mom had divorced dad, she'd started taking sleeping pills. The side effects of those pills were that sometimes she'd have sleepwalking episodes.

Usually, I'd gently guide her back to bed and that would be that.

But not this night.

Mom had fallen asleep in a sheer negligee - probably thinking about dad.

A few hours after drifting off, I heard a thump and then some rustling noises from her room, and I realized that she was up and at 'em, so to speak.

I got up and walked into her room and was surprised to see that mom had stripped all her clothes off. She was bent over and facing away from me, pulling the covers down.

"Mom," I said gently. "Mom?"

She didn't answer. She stood still for a second or two, then turned around and looked at me - or should I say through me.

My mother's naked body was a sight to behold. Her skin was so smooth. I stared at her motherly breasts, hanging low, but very sexy.

She had the perfect mom bod and it was at that moment I knew I wasn't going to help her back to bed - not her bed, anyway.

I stood there, watching her as she looked around, obviously confused.

Without thinking, I reached out and gently ran my fingers over her smooth, shapely ass.

"Come on, mom, we need to get you back to bed..." I said, gulping as my cock started to swell.

I grabbed her shoulders and - instead of guiding her to her own bed, I led her directly to my room.

God, I couldn't believe I was doing this! This was my mother we were talking about!

"Here..." I said, directing my mother to sit on the edge of my bed.

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