Fucked By Mommy and Daddy On The Beach

by Tori Westwood

Mommy and Daddy drag me into a stall and start to undress to my horror.  When Mommy takes a risqué fondle of Daddy’s cock I’m soon confronted with his huge erection and realize all too quickly that it’s turning me on.

I guess Mommy can tell from the look in my eyes and before long we’re both pleasing Daddy.  In no time at all Mommy’s guiding his dick into my tight, virginal pussy and we’re thrust deep into a dirty family threesome that I’ll never forget.  Read how we both share Daddy’s cum.


Mom jerked him for a moment longer and I watched as her hand cruised over his clean-cut length, squeezing his fast-beating blood to the tip of his dick so that the crown shone invitingly.

Then she turned to me and made an offer so sinful I’m almost scared to type it here.

“Would you like to feel it?” she asked, and from the look in her eyes I could see she was deadly serious.

My stomach fluttered and my pupils widened at the thought.  I quickly made a snap decision that I’ll never be able to erase, pushing myself off the door and taking a timid step towards them.

“I think so,” I said, a little unsure and looking to Daddy for guidance.  “Do you … mind?”

“Of course not, sugar,” Daddy said, in a manner so nonchalant that I might as well have been asking him if I could steal one of his chips.

Mommy let him go and I watched as his cock bobbed gently, twitching as each fierce jet of blood was pumped into it.


She came to me and put an arm around my back, bringing me forward between them both and inviting me into the union.

“Take it in your fist,” she whispered close to my ear.

I closed my eyes as I heard her words and my body shivered with excitement.

I stood close, looking down at Daddy’s cock that hung inches from me.

“It’s okay,” Daddy said gently, taking my hand and bringing it to him.

I relaxed my arm and let him guide me towards the forbidden target, opening my hand as I approached and wrapping it around his big cock.

I held it still for a moment and let the occasion sink in.  Against my palm I could feel the beat of his pulse and I bit my lip as I raised my head and looked to both of them.

“Now move your arm,” Mommy said, and as the words left her mouth Daddy began to pull and push gently at my elbow.

My hand followed and now I was jerking his stiff cock, getting my first taste of second base and loving every second of it.

My pussy swelled with excitement and a charge of juices announced themselves in my core, sending my groove wet in seconds.


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