Fucked Into Submission By Daddy

by Amber FoxxFire

When the Dean called me and my daughter into his office, I knew something was very wrong.

I sat there in stunned silence as he ran through the charges against my delinquent, 18-year-old daughter. Her mom and I had thought sending her to college would straighten her up. Apparently, it hadn’t.

But the Dean had a plan. With my help, he knew exactly how to help my daughter become contrite and submissive.


"Now tell me the story again, I want to make sure I heard things exactly right." I said, eager to make sure I had gotten the whole story correctly.

Sitting there in his office with my 18-year-old daughter and the Dean of the college himself, I perked my ears up and listened to him again, making sure no detail was missed.

"Your daughter's dorm was searched last night and not only did we find some beer and other contraband, but we also found a large amount of weed." He said.

Hearing this, sparked my anger, but I let him go on, knowing he had more to say.

"As you know, this is a dry campus, no booze is allowed, but on top of that she has illegal drugs. I'm afraid we have very little choice in what happens next." He said.

Things seemed pretty clear and dry cut. My eighteen year old daughter had fucked up. Big time. She had done drugs, drank, broke the rules and now she was going to throw her scholarship away because she wanted to get high.


The dean was a strong man, tall and in the prime of life. He looked as virile as me, he looked like all he would need was one time with a woman to impregnate her. He had short brown hair and a muscular body. Even though he had a desk job, it looked like he worked out.

It was almost no surprise when I heard the next words coming out of his mouth, "However...If you allow me to discipline your baby girl, I can promise not only will she not be expelled, but I'll make sure she stays on the right path." He said.

He was offering a life raft. Not only would she not be expelled, but he would keep a watchful eye over her, this sounded amazing.

I turned to her and gave her a stern look, indicating that no matter what, she had to agree, that I wasn't going to accept her giving up no matter what the punishment.

"If your daughter becomes pregnant with my seed, I'll drop all the charges and sweep them under the rug, all she needs to do is let my thick cock into that tight little pussy of hers and let me shoot a nice big load and breed her.

Looking at my daughter, I decided to let her make her own choice, but with my stern stare and the Dean's no bullshit attitude, I could tell it was weighing on her. She was a cute little red-head. She had long red locks and freckles, she was as Irish as her daddy and her tits were quite nice, too. A big handful.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I'll accept my punishment, Dean. Please impregnate me so I can stay in college." She said. She looked at me, then the Dean, knowing very well what was coming next.


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