Fucked In My Judge’s Chambers: Doggies, Daughters & Daddies 27

by Betsi Ality

Book Cover: Fucked In My Judge’s Chambers: Doggies, Daughters & Daddies 27
Part of the Doggies Daughters & Daddies series:

A judge presides over her own daddy’s trial as he faces concern around his randy dog, Saxon.  When the jury adjourn daddy is declared not guilty, but the judge wants to see him in her chambers.

What follows is a naughty threesome with man and beast, featuring a creamy internal finish from Saxon and a glorious facial from daddy.


“Anna, I’m sorry,” daddy said, standing there defeated.

“Don’t be,” I said, and I tossed my hair out and let it hang in front of me.

I started to push back against the dog’s advances, and it was then that daddy realized it hadn’t all been by accident.

“Anna …” he tried.

“Oh, god, his cock feels so good,” I burst, slapping my hand at the floor.

Daddy breathed deep and I heard a clank of metal.  I looked back to see him unfastening his belt.  It soon became obvious where my uncontrollable bout of lust had come from.

“I like those videos too,” he said.

I let out a wide smile that soon became another groan as Saxon stuffed his cock into me again.  My pussy squeezed around him, contracting deliciously as the dog fucked away.  He had no idea how good he was at it.

“How does it measure up in real life?” I asked daddy between breaths.

“It’s even better than I imagined.”


I looked back and saw that he was now outside of his pants.  His stiff cock was in his fist, and he was rocking it gently, walking around me like a predator assessing its kill.

“Jerk that cock over me,” I dared.

Daddy took off his shoes and then downed his pants and underwear completely.  I’d never looked at him like this before, but daddy was certainly no slouch.  His strong, thick legs led up to that big cock of his.

“Watch me,” I told him.

I couldn’t believe how far I’d lost myself in such a short time.  It was as though the notion of these animal videos had kick-started something within me.  I was desperate for them the second I heard about them.  Despite the prim-and-proper image that I portrayed; I was one of the dirtiest bitches out there.

I’d always known what I was capable of, but I’d fought my entire life to hide it from other people.  My sexual peccadilloes were suppressed so far that they were now exploding out of me.  I wanted to experiment and push the boundaries.  I wanted daddy to watch me do it.  I’d spent so long being good that I was in a rush to be bad.

“Damn, Anna,” daddy said, and he pulled out my tall-backed chair and sat in it, facing me.

I looked up at him from the floor, watching as he jerked himself.  Saxon’s head hung over my shoulder, and he panted close to his ear, finally getting the thing he wanted most of all.

“He looks pleased with himself,” daddy nodded.

“So he should be.  He just made a slut out of a judge.”

Daddy jerked faster and I watched his fist slide up and down his pole.

“You look like you could do with some lubricant,” I told him.

“You have some?” daddy asked, looking at the desk.

“I do,” I told him, then I tapped my finger to my lips.

He seemed taken aback.  It was as though getting fucked by a dog was par for the course but sucking your daddy’s cock was somehow off limits.

“You’d do that?”

“Put your cock near my face and find out.”


About the Author

Betsi Ality writes some of the hottest dog loving erotica on the market and she does it all for her loving fans.  These dogs have been schooled in the art of fucking and are looking to 'tie-the-knot' with any female who's willing!  You won't be disappointed!

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