Fucked By Death’s Stallion

by Studly Stallion

In a desperate bid to save her mother’s life, Joy makes a deal with Death.

Little did she know, that it wasn’t Death she would be fucking, but his horny, dominant stallion. How will she ever take Death’s stallion’s massive cock deep inside her?


"You want me to mate with your...horse?" She shook her head as if she misheard him.

"That's the deal. Take it or leave it." Death told her.

"I'll take it." She said as her stomach twisted and turned.

The horse whinnied his excitement.

"Good." Death snapped his fingers, and the room vanished.

Joy looked around the deathly landscape. It looked so weird and twisted, like it came from some distorted nightmare.

"Uh...what do I do?" She inquired.

Death's stallion stepped forward and nuzzled her cheek. To her surprise his nose felt so soft.

He pressed his lips to hers as she stroked his velvety muzzle. The stallion nibbled her face with his lips, before sticking his tongue in her mouth.

"I've done nothing like this, boy." She was overjoyed as she let him explore her.

Joy shivered as he kissed her with his large lips. She inhaled his breath and found it strange, yet pleasing.


Puckering her lips, she brushed against his. Sparks of excitement danced through her, urging her to explore. Who else could say that they kissed Death's stallion?

Nibbling on his lips, curiosity urged her to snake her tongue inside his large mouth. What would it feel like?


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