Fucked by Daddy’s Dog

by Jez Bestiality

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Sitting next her football-watching father, 18-year-old Kaylee was not only extremely bored, but she was also extremely horny.

Fortunately, so was her father’s dog.

Can she mate with the family dog while her father watches his football game? If he does catch her *hint, hint* how will he react to his own dog taking his daughter in front of him.

More importantly, how will the dog react?


Kaylee sighed as she slumped on the couch wondering what she should do. Dad was watching the football game as mom was cooking turkey. Her brother was hogging the family computer as always and there was really nothing for a young 18-year-old woman like her to do.

Jim, dad's large Bluetick Coonhound nudged her, dragging her from the boredom that held her hostage. She looked at the dog and wondered what he wanted. Whatever it was, she was up to it. Even playing fetch seemed better than doing her nails again.

"What do you want, boy?" She scratched behind his ear absentmindedly.

"Get undressed and we'll have some fun," he whispered in her ear.

A smile brightened her lips as her eyes twinkled. She slid a glance to her father who was into the game.

"Up to it?" he whispered, wagging his tail. "It'll be fun."

"I like your idea," she told him in a hushed voice.


She slid from her clothes and cast a glance to her father to see that he was so absorbed into the game he didn't even notice his naked daughter sitting just a few feet from him.


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