Fucked By The Bear

by Jez Bestiality

I tried to convince my husband to come along to Yellowstone with me, but he didn't want to have anything to do with it.
But I just had to see the cute, cuddly animals. The teddy bears were my favorite and I was bound and determined to get close to one.

Oh, I got close to one all right...a little TOO close.

Even the park ranger thought it was a bad idea, but I just wanted to see the bears up close and personal.

He tried to stop me, but I was too insistent and when he turned his gaze, I was taking off into the forest, looking for my bear.

I imagined it to be like those romance novels, a large, cuddly were-bear just for me. Someone that I could mold into my perfect lover.

Then I found myself alone with a real bear. And he wasn't cute and cuddly at all.

*Growl.* The large bear rose to his full height, towering over me.

*Sniff* He leaned forward, sniffing me.

*Grrr* His nose pressed against my body and the low, menacing growl coming from his throat sent a shiver of fear down my spine.

*Bite* His teeth grazed my arm and the sharp pain made me yelp.

He had me pinned against the ground and the weight of his large body was crushing me.

I don't know why, but at that moment, with the 800-pound bear menacing down at me, I felt horny. Not fearful. Horny. Yeah, I was weird. Always had been.

"You gonna fuck me or eat me?" I taunted him.

At that moment, he brought his teeth down upon my tender flesh, but instead of ripping my throat out, he ripped my shirt and jean shorts right off my body.

Now, I was scared.


About the Author

If you're looking for super-hot, ultra-shocking dog sex full of kissing, knotting and lots of dog cum, you've cum to the right place. Jez Bestiality knows what you like.

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