Fucked By The Basketball Team In Front Of My Son: Cuckold Incest 5

by Penelope Liksit

I took my son-whom i had been fucking for a while now-to the basketball game. He did not know i had a little surprise for him. He was not fucking me good enough, so i was going to take on the whole basketball team in the middle of the court. He needed to be shown how real men took a woman.


I stopped and drew my hand off his cock and out from under his jacket. The game had ended, one team was victorious, presumably the home ream because the crowd were cheering.
“Actually son”, I said, “you have never fucked me good in all the time that I have let you fuck me, so I doubt that you would be able to do any different tonight. It’s time for you to get a little education in how a woman ought to get fucked.”
“Mom what…”
I strode down the steps and onto the court, discarding my clothing one item at a time, grabbing the microphone from the announcer. I was standing in the middle of the court naked, surrounded by five gobsmacked basketball players with an astounded crowd looking on. I raised the microphone.
“Folks”, I announced, �


�I am here with my eighteen year old son, and as much as I love him and have been sucking and fucking him for the last few months like any good mother should, the fact of the matter is he cannot satisfy me with his four inch cock. I need to teach him a lesson, so I am now going to let the winning basketball team gangbang me senseless right here and now, for your entertainment and my pleasure.”


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