Fucked By My Medieval Son : Desperate Mothers

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Fucked By My Medieval Son : Desperate Mothers
Part of the Desperate Mothers series:

When the Vikings come rampaging through our village, they’re after every woman who doesn’t have a husband with them.  With Arthur off at war it's up to our adult son Neville to pretend to be my younger lover.  We sleep in the same dwelling and with the invaders suspicious of our age gap we make sex-noises to ward them off, but soon the noise are getting us both turned on and it’s no longer a game.

Read as my son Neville puts himself inside me, making me come so loud that the Vikings have no questions over our relationship or Neville’s prowess, as he delivers multiple c-shots inside and on me!


Neville moved himself out of my mouth and shuffled down my body.  I watched and wondered what was to happen next, then he slotted his burly cock right between my big tits.

I quickly wrapped him up in them, creating a soft passage for him to fuck.  Promptly, he did, passing his dick through me and causing the crown to sprout out from the top of my cleavage.

I giggled and stuck out a pointed tongue, tickling at the sensitive underside of his length.  My pussy was drooling at this point, knowing that it would soon be filled.  In the meantime, I enjoyed the teasing.

Neville was fucking my tits hard and the joy on his face was something to behold.  Every mother wants to please her son, but few think to do it like this.

“Yes!” I cried.  “That’s it!  Fuck my tits!”

“Good show!” came another cry from outside.  Our foes listened close, and at this point I didn’t want to disappoint them—or me!


Neville strained and moaned, looking down on his stiffness as it worked through me.  Eventually he slowed his thrusts and I worried that he might explode there and then.

He took his cock from between my tits and roared out his climax.  I was satisfied to see him enjoying himself, but I had to hide my disappointment.  I’d hoped for more.

“Yes!” he burst, looking down on me as the first rope of cum leapt from his cock.

It raced over my tits and struck my chin.  I closed my eyes and smiled as his warmth bathed me, erupting from his cock in joyous, bountiful ropes.  There were so many of them.

Again and again, he grunted, and each time he delivered a volley of cum worthy of any man’s entire load.  It smothered and coated me, turning my tits slippery.  My face was awash with him.  I could feel his seed hanging on my eyelashes, then his thumb tenderly pushed it away.

I blinked my eyes open slowly and smiled up at him, but Neville was quickly off me.  I thought the act was over before it had even begun, then Neville started to tug at my tattered gown and strip it down me.

I wriggled on the bed, the hot cum slipping into my cleavage and running off my cheeks.  Neville undressed me until I lay there, naked and cum-drenched.  That’s when I noticed that his cock was still hard.

“Take me!” I told him, staring to his thickness.  A string of cum still hung off the tip.

“I’m going to,” he said, and he moved back to the bed, his huge cock swaying between his legs.

He pushed my knee open with his and stroked his cock back and forth along my crease.  He spread my lips open and mixed his cum with mine.  My pussy was as soaked as my face.

Neville stared down my body and I looked with him, watching as his cock pressed to my pussy and disappeared within me.

My mouth fell open as I felt his girth penetrate me.  It split me wide, and I felt a pang of pain as he stretched me, but it was good pain.  It was a pain I hadn’t felt in decades.  Neville was reminding me what it was like to be deflowered, twenty-five years after the fact.


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