Fucked By Doctor Daddy: Cuckold Incest 7

by Penelope Liksit

When my doctor daddy was treating me, he discovered that there was something wrong with me. I was not getting fucked good enough. So he decided to give me my medicine, in front of my husband.


I knew it was unusual for a father to treat his daughter in hospital, but my husband Sid and I had been in an accident and they were short staffed. Well, I just wasn't going to turn down treatment from my daddy.
Thankfully the accident was not too serious and daddy was just taking a look at some of the cuts and bruises on my thighs.
There he was with his stethoscope and in his white doctor coat, looking like a professional. I had always felt so safe with daddy.
“You know what dear?” He said. I could actually feel his hot breath on my legs as he examined my cuts. Was there something wrong with me that I actually found this a little exciting? “Sometimes patients come in after they’ve had an accident, and while we are examining them we find out that there is actually something else wrong with them. I think I have found out what is wrong with you.”
“Oh my god, what daddy?”
Sid and I looked at each other, what could possibly be wrong?


�Well sweetheart”, said daddy, “one thing I have developed an eye for, in both my job and at home, is for a woman who is just not getting fucked properly. You my dear, have the demeanour of a woman who is just not getting that delivery of stiff dick-meat in her tight little hot cunt that all women crave. You are a patient of mine and you are my own daughter. No patient or daughter of mine goes untreated.”
I could hardly believe the words that had just came out of daddy's mouth. He was talking about dicks and pussies, about the sex life of his own daughter. Sid and I looked at each other incredulously.


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