Fuck me Harder, Daddy!

Drunk Sex Father Daughter Erotica Daddy Erotica Breeding Incest Taboo Bareback Impregnation Erotica

by Amber FoxxFire

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Fantasies weren’t enough. I needed daddy. I fantasized about what I’d do to him if given half a chance. That chance came and I pounced on it like a bitch in heat.


Knock Knock.

“Huh?” I said, irritated that someone was wrecking my fun.

Knock Knock.

“That can’t be daddy. He said he’d be gone for about five hours. It hasn’t even been three,” I huffed out as I scrambled around for my clothing.

I made sure I put something somewhat conservative on and ran to the door. Looking through the peephole, I was surprised to see daddy standing, lopped to the side of our door.

I swung the door open, “Welcome home daddy-- Huh?”

“Hey, sweet heart. How’s -hic- daddy’s princess?”

He stumbled towards me and the smell of alcohol was all over his breath. God, he was out drinking with his perverted friends again. What did they do to my daddy that he had to come home early?

I was worried my room might start leaking out the smell of pussy, but daddy was so drunk, there was no way in hell he’d know. I’d have already sprayed the smell away by the time he sobered up.


“Come on, daddy. Let’s get you inside and in bed.”

For a second, I wanted to take advantage of the situation and make him mine. Nothing was easier than fucking a drunk man, I swear. My friends used to brag about doing it and stealing all the man’s cash and running away after then drunk men fell asleep after like a minute of fucking.

Helping daddy down the hallway, I happened to look down and saw that the crotch of his jeans were swollen. Erection swollen. I gasped and kept helping daddy walk down the hall. The house was still a little dark, but it wasn’t too hard to navigate.

His erection was making my pussy warm and wet, I wanted him, no other slut should have my daddy! He was mine, all mine!

Suddenly my daddy stops.

“Daddy, we are almost to your room. Are you okay?”

Daddy was sexy, even in his drunken stupor. Dark black hair hung over his drunken blue eyes. God, he made my pussy thirsty.

“Princess, you look so good tonight.”

His hands trailed up my torso and up to my breasts where he started fondling and grabbing. He went over my nipples and thumbed them expertly. My knees grew weak and mouth dry.


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