Me & My Friend Fuck My Son : Real Mothers 11

Mommy Son Threesome Erotica

by Tori Westwood

I wasn't expecting to see my son Robert at the swimming pool that day and my friends can't wait to tell me how they'd love a piece of his hot body.

I’m determined to keep them away from him, so when it comes to changing afterwards I offer him inside my family stall, but my friend Jackie sneaks in too.

Soon we're naked and Jackie gets very risqué, touching things an older woman really shouldn’t.  I want Robert all to myself but it looks like I’ll have to share.  Read how we both take his innocent cock in seductive fashion.


I pulled my swimsuit down my legs and stood naked alongside Jackie, pulling at her wrist to move her away from my son.

“Are you sure I can’t help with something?  Anything,” she said, putting a hand on his back.

Robert tensed against her touch, his cock still rock hard but facing away from us.

“Are you getting changed?” she pressed again and I just didn’t know what to do.

“It’s okay, Robert,” I said.  “We’ve seen it all before, honey.”

He turned shamefully, showing off his enormous bulge and dropping his head.

“Golly,” was about all Jackie could say, standing close and staring down.

I moved my hand and closed her jaw, putting a hand on Robert’s shoulder and looking in to his eyes.

“It’s okay, Robert,” I said.

I curled my fingers over the waist of his briefs, looking in to his eyes as I began to pull them down, fighting against his thick cock that was holding them up.


Robert covered his face, still thinking he was supposed to be ashamed by what Jackie and I could tell was one of the biggest cocks we’d ever seen.

She was still in shock as his dick sprang free and I bent down in front of him, pulling his briefs down his legs and taking them carefully off his feet.

I put them on the side but stayed down there, looking at his clean-cut, smooth dick and imagining doing the naughtiest things.

I knew Jackie wasn’t going to protest, so when I moved my hand forward gently and gripped it around his shaft she began to get excited.

“Emily,” she warned half-heartedly.

Robert peered through his fingers and watched as I slowly began to draw my hand along it.

“This is so naughty,” Jackie said, and she sucked in a huge gasp of air and put a hand over her pussy to soothe it.

“Mom, what’s happening?” Robert asked.

“She’s gonna suck your cock,” Jackie said, seeming to hope that was the case.

“Is that … allowed?” he asked.

“Oh sure it is, Robert,” Jackie said, as though she were giving me permission.  “Your mother and I can do everything you want.”

I looked up with a smile as Jackie moved close, kissing my son passionately as I tenderly jerked his big, young cock.

Whilst she kept him occupied I moved my face closer to him, breathing over his length and preparing myself to do something very wrong.

I opened wide, pushing over his flesh and he tensed, pulling off Jackie’s lips and looking down in amazement.


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