Free Use World #4: Using Every Hole

Gangbang Menage Mind Control

by Jade Summers

Dr. Max Granger and Dr. Greg Davis work together to spread the beam of the Free Use Creator ray (FUC ray). They start with the science lab building they're working in and wind up with an orgy in the lobby that includes every single one of the employees.

This is the fourth part in the continuing story of how Dr. Max Granger created the Free Use World, a place where any woman can be used by any man at any time.

The series is designed so that anyone can start reading at any point along the way and still understand what’s going on, so if you haven't read parts 1-3, you can still follow along in part 4.


Jenna was furiously circling her clit, gliding her fingers over the juices that soaked her entire pussy, then dipped them into her pussy hole. I could see rivers of her juices running down and pooling up right at her asshole.

I swirled the head of my cock around on her brown hole for a moment, then pushed it right in. I could hear Jenna moan with a sense of urgency, her fingers picking up speed as they passed back and forth over her clit. Greg was practically laying on her face now, thrusting in and out just enough to allow her a quick breath. He was still gripping onto both of her tits when his body started convulsing.


I could feel Jenna’s asshole tighten around my cock as Greg shot down her throat. The sensation around my cock and the visual of Greg’s cock buried deep in Jenna’s mouth sent me over the edge and I felt myself shooting my load into her asshole. It felt like my cock was being squeezed by a fist that was milking it for every last drop as I moved in and out of her quivering hole.

When I pulled out I was still coming, so a few streams shot across Jenna’s pussy. She reached down and rubbed the cum into her pussy lips, then reached further down to scoop up some of the cum that was oozing out of her asshole. She rubbed it around for a moment, then brought her fingers up to her mouth and cleaned the cum off of them.


About the Author

I'm Jade Summers and naughty and taboo are two of my favorite words. If you like them too, then follow me down a rabbit hole of mind control, family erotica, beastly gangbangs, forced lactation and exhibitionism, as well as some good old fashioned humiliation.

You’ll never believe what kinds of sexy stories I’m going to come up with next.

Jade Summers

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