Free Use Megapack 36-Story Box Set Vol 2

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Free Use Megapack 36-Story Box Set Vol 2

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Free Use: The act of taking a woman by surprise without needing her permission. Often while completely ignoring the man or feigning disinterest.


- Free Use: Fucking Mom In The Grocery Checkout
- Free Use: Knocked Up Mom While Dad Watched
- Free Use: Ganging My Daughters In The Shower
- Free Use: Caught Sis Sneaking In The Doggy Door!
- Free Use: Gangbanging My Twin Sisters
- Free Use Mind Control 1: Testing The App On Sis
- Free Use: Turning Mom & Sis Into Fertile Hucows
- Free Use: Barebacking My Fertile Daughter
- Free Use: Knocking Up My Sister At The Breakfast Table
- Free Use: My Aunt Begged Me To Knock Up Her Daughter!
- Free Use: Fucking Mom & Sis In The Closet
- Free Use 1: Taking The Married Woman In The Checkout Line!
- Free Use: Knocking Up My Daughter In Front Of Her Mother
- Free Use: Fucking My Daughter On Her Wedding Night!
- Free Use Incest 1: Fucking Mom In The Car - While She Was Driving!
- Free Use Incest 2: Knocking Up My Sister In Front Of Her Boyfriend
- Free Use Incest 3: Fucking Mom As She Sunbathed By The Pool
- Free Use Incest 4: Barebacking My Sister On The Side Of The Road
- Free Use Incest 5: Fucking Mom
- Free Use Incest 6: Taking My Sister In The Changing Room
- Free Use Incest 7: Barebacking My Sister In The Park
- Free Use Incest 8: Controlling My Sister's Orgasms
- Free Use Incest 9: Barebacking My Daughter On The Beach
- Free Use #1: Knocking Up The Lady Mormon Missionaries
- Free Use Incest 10: Fucking My Daughter While She Watched TV
- Free Use Incest 11: Fucking My Daughter At Work Day
- Free Use #2: Knocking Up The Married Amish Woman
- Free Use Incest 12: Barebacking My Daughter In The Woods
- Free Use Incest 13: Taking My Daughter As She Chatted On The Phone
- Free Use MILFS 1: My Wife Helped Me Knock Up My Best Friend's Wife
- Free Use MILFS 2: Knocking Up The Soccer Milf
- Free Use Incest 14: Fucking My Twin Daughters In The Backseat!
- Free Use Incest 15: Knocking Up My Granddaughter!
- Free Use #3: Knocking Up The Nude Sunbathing Nun
- Free Use #4: Knocking Up The Married Jehovah's Witnesses
- Free Use Time Travel 1: Knocking Up The 50s Housewife


Ever since dad left, mom had gone back to work. When she was younger, she used to work at the local grocery. Now that she needed another job to make ends meet, she begged for her old job back.

Of course the hours and work sucked, but it paid the bills.

One night I thought I'd pay mom a visit. A few days prior, I'd gotten a hold of something called a free-use pill. Once ingested, it allowed the imbiber to control women. I could make mom - or anyone I wanted - do my bidding.

I'd tried it out on some small stuff, but what I really wanted was mom.

She was a stacked, voluptuous lady with dark-brown eyes and hair to match. She was a little on the chubby side, but not by much. What extra weight she carried, was mostly in her chest, which she constantly complained about.

"Hey, Roger!" Mom called out as I popped in off the street. "How was college?"

I shrugged. "Eh, I didn't go. Who needs that shit?"


Mom tut-tutted, but turned back to serve a customer.

I grabbed a couple things, then just as I was about to join her line - she was the only checker there - I popped the pill. It took a couple of minutes, but it finally kicked in. I could feel it. MUCH more confidence.

"You're not going to eat all that tonight, are you?" Mom looked at the buckets of ice-cream and chided me.

"Of course. You're not home to stop me."

She grumbled under her breath, but once I'd gone through the checkout process, I swung back around and put my plan into action.

The first thing to go was her apron. It looked terrible on her. With one deft move, I unhooked it and tore it away. She gasped, but when she looked back and saw it was me, she smiled and went back to checking out the next customer.

The feeling of power and control I had right then was insane. People walked by as I slowly undressed my mother right there in the store, but they said nothing with most not even bothering to look at me.


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