Free Use Incest 44: Time Traveled, Fucked Mom In The Backseat

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Free Use Incest 44: Time Traveled, Fucked Mom In The Backseat

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Part 1 - Tom goes back in time and knocks up his 18-year-old mother - with his twin

Part 2 - Comes back to find his 18-year-old twin sister in his room - knocks her up, too!

Part 3 - Mom sees him for the first time since he knocked her up as an 18-year-old, he knocks her up, again!


I already had the hots for my mother, but when I saw an old-timey photo of her when she was just 18, I lost my shit. I had to find a way back to fuck that hot chick.

Yeah, she was my mother, but she was also, apparently, one of the most beautiful dames I'd ever laid eyes on.

My fucking God.

I had to have her. I had to find a way to travel back in time and bang the hell out of her.

Fortunately, I knew a friend whose father worked for the government. Very secret stuff. No one was to know about it.

But I did.

"Borrowing" the old man's time machine, I set my sights on the farm where my mother grew up.

There was still one thing missing: Free Use. I didn't want to waste a week trying to convince her that I was her son from the future. Ha, ha, what a nutjob, right?

I wanted to move in, fuck a baby into her belly, check out the local cuisine and get home before dark.

Simple, right?


Once there, a dazzling array of sights and smells assaulted my senses. So much clean air! Oh my God! And the sun looked so yellow and pristine.

Everyone was wearing their Sunday best was Sunday. The 50s sure were a magical time.

It took a bit to track mom's farm down as the streets were laid out a bit differently, but once there, I was amazed at how fucking BIG it was. Holy hell it must've been 5 acres.

Cows, horses, tractors all lived in harmony on the farm and a dizzying wave of nostalgia washed over me.

As I was ogling over all the large farm equipment and animals, I noticed a young lady emerge from one of the barns carrying what looked like a pail - probably full of milk.

My heart sped up as I realized that that must've been my mother!

Popping the free use pill and swallowing it down quickly, I stumbled over to where she was and flagged her attention.

The 18-year-old hottie strode to the fence and smiled when she saw me.

Had she recognized me? No, get a grip, Tom!

"Hello!" She said with the widest, most sincere smile on her face I'd ever seen. Sarah was wearing a pretty, short dress that ended at her knees and no shoes. Her blonde hair was done up in curls and her green eyes shone like twin emeralds in the sun.

My fucking God she looked great.

My heart beat faster as I looked into those pretty eyes. Oh fuck, I was falling for her - hard. My own mother.


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