Free Use Incest 34: Fucked My Sister In The Backseat

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Free Use Incest 34: Fucked My Sister In The Backseat

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It was her first day on the job. Just turned 18, my younger sister was now an official stewardess. But I had a secret. A piece of paper backed up by law.

She didn’t know it, but she was about to become my first conquest.


I nearly spat out my early morning coffee when my younger sister, Dee, came running into the kitchen. Dressed in her new flight attendant uniform, she looked so hot that my cock almost exploded in my pants. Today was day one on her new job and she was super excited to take her first flight.

Dad hardly batted an eyelid as Dee span around on the spot to show off her smart and snug skirt and jacket. It was dark-navy blue and clung to her nubile eighteen-year old figure like it was made just for her.

“Well, what do you guys think?” she said with a smile, tightening her long blonde ponytail as she gleamed with pride.

“Nice, sweetie,” dad causally replied under his breath. He hardly gave a shit. As usual at breakfast, his nose was stuck in a newspaper.

Dee’s bright-blue eyes pinned to me. “How about you, Andrew? Do you think I look all grown-up?”

I shrugged like it was no big deal. “I guess so.”


That was a gross understatement. If she knew how hard she got me then the blush on her rosy cheeks would have turned hell-fire red. Not only did she look like a fully grown woman in her tight uniform, black high-heels, and cute flight attendant hat, she looked so fucking hot that I would have instantly slammed my cock into her pussy if it wasn't for the presence of dad.

“So, who’s gonna give me a lift to the airport?” she asked us as she snatched up a coffee for herself from the counter top.

“I’ll do it,” I abruptly announced, pushing from the table.

Dad squinted at me. “You seem keen.”

“Yeah, well it’s my day off.” I glanced at Dee, who looked just as surprised as dad. “Anyway, I need to head out that way,” I lied.

“Is that okay with you?” Dad asked my sexy-as-fuck sis.

“I don't care who takes me.” She smiled at me and bounced on her feet with excitement. “I’m ready when you are, bro.”

Without blinking, I started over to the counter top, dragged up my car keys from the fruit basket, and then keenly led the way.


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