Free Use Incest 29: Barebacking My Sister In The Kitchen

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Free Use Incest 29: Barebacking My Sister In The Kitchen

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It was her first day on the job. I told my sister, Brenda, not to transfer to my department. She was a big-time tease and if I knew anything about my horny colleagues, she wouldn’t last a week before being taken by one of them.

I told her, but she wouldn’t listen to me.

So, I knocked back a couple of free-use pills, then proceeded to knocked a baby in my 18-year-old sister’s fertile womb.


As Brenda walked through the office, turning every guy’s head as her black high-heels clacked over the floor towards her new desk, my blood boiled. I knew she only took the job of temporary secretary just to fuck with me.

Brenda was eighteen and needed a summer job, but I’d already warned her numerous times not to apply for this particular role. I’d been working at this office for the last two years and knew what the men were like. My sister would have turned them on like crazy and I couldn't bear the idea of my teammates taking the piss out of me by drooling over her on a daily bases.

They had good reason to, though; blonde, petite, and super pretty, she had a slutty type of personalty where she knew exactly what her sexual market worth was. She seemed to revel in her power over men, and liked to tease them at the expense of my embarrassment. It would have been easy to ignore her antics if she didn't follow me around like a shadow.


To pay her back for her total disregard to my wishes, and feeling a strong sexual attraction to her myself — like the deviant I always knew I was — I had to teach her a hard lesson.

With a bottle of Free Use at my disposal — which I had been saving for the huge breasted hottie from accounts — I had a twisted plan up my sleeve…

I’d find a quiet moment in the office, which was normally lunch time, and fuck my sister so hard and deep that she wouldn't even glance at another guy, let alone flirt with them.

Not only was it to be a lesson in respect for her, but it would serve to quell the darkest desires I’ve always had for her nubile, sexy little body!


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