Frankenstein’s Bratty Bodyswap : Bodyswaps 3

by Fearne Forrester

Long before Dr. Frankenstein reanimated corpses he dabbled in consciousness transferal.  After getting the consent of Hilda, his attractive younger assistant, Dr. F seeks to temporarily move her mind into that of a rat, but when the procedure doesn’t work immediately the experimental doctor dons the device and tries again.

He’s suddenly transported into the body of beautiful, blonde Hilda, and his experimenting doesn’t stop there.  Read how the pair explore their new bodies for science, of course.


Then have more, sir, in the name of science, of course.”  For now Hilda kept her virginity a secret.

“Of course, Hilda,” the doctor said, and his cheeks turned flush.

Hilda spotted the signs of arousal on her old face.  She knew them all too well, but the doctor didn’t. Previously he’d just thought Hilda to be warm, but now he realized how often she was turned on in their lab.

“What more might that be, Hilda?” the doctor said, keen for permission to explore his new female body.

“Wherever your delights take you,” Hilda said.  “So long as I’m afforded the same luxury.”

“And what is your intention, Hilda?”  Victor watched his former self bite his lip and search the ceiling for a thought.

“I think I should like to see what I’m in possession of down here,” Hilda said, and she tapped at her cock which had grown considerably since she’d begun owning it.


“As long as I might be afforded the same courtesy.  This pussy of yours is so damn-wet that I feel like I’ve had an accident down there.”

“’Tis no accident, sir.  I’m prone to salivating quite ferociously down there whenever the mood takes me.”

Dr. Frankenstein moved his hand to his hot crotch and pushed across a smoothness that was never there before.  He felt the wetness of his new pussy bleed into his panties as his skirt moved over it.

Hilda watched on, her cock stiff and blooming in her pants.  She rubbed at it and watched as the doctor explored her old body.

“You might try my tits, sir,” Hilda said.

Victor moved his hands up and cupped at his full breasts.  He could feel the nipples of each vying for attention beneath the bust of his short dress.

“Damn, Hilda,” Victor said, and he flattened his palm and made circles over his breasts.  “I didn’t know it had this effect.”

Hilda tried to mimic it with her new nipples.  “Doesn’t work the same with yours, sir,” said Hilda.

“I’m afraid it doesn’t, Hildy,” the doctor’s feminine voice purred.

“Here,” Hilda said, and she approached the doctor and started to unbutton his dress at the back.

Victor stayed where he was, looking over Hilda’s shoulder and to his reflection in the mirror.  He knew that Hilda was attractive, but before now he’d never busied himself with appreciating her.  Now that he was her, he found it much easier to look upon her body and find it desirable.  This was for science, after all.

Hilda moved her dress off Victor’s shoulders when she’d unfastened it.  She stepped away as it began to fall.

Victor hurried his hands to his new exposed breasts, pushing them up and marveling at Hilda’s big, stiff, pink nipples.  The areolas were wide and the nipple in the middle of them sat taut.

“Look at that,” Victor swooned, and he stared down to see it for real.

“If I might …” Hilda offered, and she stooped her head towards her old breasts and looked up for approval.

Victor stared down at the vision of his old self, eagerly seeking permission to do something naughty.  He gave a subtle nod and Hilda took her cue, opening her mouth around Victor’s sensitive nipples.


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