On All Fours – Bestiality 3-Pack Vol 1

by Jez Bestiality

Book Cover: On All Fours - Bestiality 3-Pack Vol 1
Part of the On All Fours series:
  • On All Fours - Bestiality 3-Pack Vol 1

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Stories Included:

* Fucking My Bitch
* Busted By the Canine Cop
* Doing the Doberman


* Fucking My Bitch

Tobis knew that his time had come. His human was hot and fertile and ready for his seed. She was also still a virgin. It was time to change that. Now that he had powers ordinary canines didn’t, he could do what he pleased..

* Busted by the Canine Cop

Stopped by the K-9 Cop, I wasn’t forced to do what the beast ordered me to. I could’ve paid my fine like a good citizen. But I chose not to. The massive, muscular animal had his way with me and gave me exactly what I had never known I needed. What even my boyfriend couldn’t give me.

* Doing the Doberman

It was that time of month. Right before my period and I was extremely hormonal and so horny that I’d do anything to scratch that itch. I was painfully boy shy and nothing in the house seemed to satisfy that primal itch to mate.

Fortunately, my neighbor was gone and his large, black doberman was free for the evening. Who needed guys when you had a real man?

About the Author

If you're looking for super-hot, ultra-shocking dog sex full of kissing, knotting and lots of dog cum, you've cum to the right place. Jez Bestiality knows what you like.

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